Fitness Coach: A Complete Guide

Here, at Inhome Trainer, we’ve got many years of experience as fitness coaches. We thought maybe you might enjoy an article that sums up what you want to know about fitness coaching. So here it is.

3 reasons why Fitness is good for you!

Improved health 

Fitness helps to improve your cardiovascular function, keeps your weight down, your blood pressure and a number of other things! If you want to succeed in enhancing your health than fitness is the way forward. The world of fitness is huge don’t forget there are so many different ways of exercising and training from cardio to resistance to functional training, CrossFit and everything in between!

Empowered to tackle the day ahead

If you exercise in the morning than this can have profound benefits upon your day ahead. Exercising before you go to work gets the blood flowing through your body and especially to your brain. This enables you to feel more invigorated and refreshed giving you a natural lift. You will feel ready to tackle the day ahead and be in a positive mindset ready to power through.

The art of goal setting 

The art of goal setting is an incredible skill which usually transpires through fitness. Setting goals in your fitness journey keeps you motivated, on track and on the route to success. Having something to aim for and doing everything in your power (body and mind) to achieve it is a real skill to have. Achieving your fitness goals enables you to transfer this skill and mindset to other areas of your life too, be it your career, a hobby or any other personal goals you may have.

What is a Fitness coach? And why everyone should hire one.

If you have been exercising for weeks and still haven’t been able to achieve your weight loss goals, hiring a personal trainer may be a good idea. Working with a personal trainer can help you push your fitness goals to the next level. They not only serve as a coach but as an excellent source of motivation and encouragement and keep you on your toes. Here are a few reasons why you should opt for personal training:

Maintaining Consistency

How many times have you tried working out at the gym, only to be distracted or bored? Hiring a personal trainer makes it easier for you to stick to a program. This prevents you from making excuses and helps you achieve your fitness goals. Hiring an in-home trainer is great way to maintain consistency and obtain better results.

Added Safety

Using the wrong equipment or performing an exercise incorrectly can result in serious injuries and back problems. Sure, a personal trainer will encourage you to break boundaries but they will never push you to the breaking point where you face the risk of injury. A personal trainer ensures you are exercising safely and are aware of how to use exercise equipment properly.

Motivation and Accountability

How many times have you tried working out at home but failed to meet your weight loss goals? Personal training guarantees accountability so you are able to meet your fitness goals and stay motivated. A personal trainer will ask about what you have eaten and whether you have been getting enough exercise. This prevents people from slacking off and making excuses.


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New Workouts

With a personal trainer by your side, you have access to a list of exciting new workouts in case you ever get bored with your routine. A personal trainer will be happy to change up your usual routine, helping keep your body in shape. This prevents weight loss plateaus and boosts metabolism.

Beware of the fitness myths!

Muscle Building Myths

If you are an avid gym goer you are probably sick and tired of hearing the same old myths in regards to muscle building. Everyone has his or her own theories about what works for them and what doesn’t. Some swear by the use of certain supplements, others don’t bother with them ever. The important thing to do is to clear up certain crazy myths about muscle so you can carry on your path to success, here goes…

Skipping rest days and train every day to build muscle

No, no, NO! This is one of the more dangerous myths ever and couldn’t be more false. Training every day will overtrain your muscles meaning it can actually diminish them instead of building them up. You have to have rest days in order for your muscles to repair themselves and grow back stronger. If you are constantly tearing your muscle fibers they won’t have any time to grow and you can actually lose muscle this way.



Eat more protein after a workout to get better muscle growth

It is true that consuming good quality protein after a strength training session can enhance muscle growth; however, there does not seem to be a relationship between the amount of protein and the amount of muscle gained, so eating more than the recommended amount wont necessarily enhance your gains. Follow your plan and about 20g of protein in the three-hour period after a workout and adequate protein at regular intervals throughout the day seems to be the most effective.

Carbohydrate is always an essential fuel for your muscles.

Adequate carbohydrate 100% necessary to increase the ability of the muscles to perform strength and resistance exercises by providing the energy the muscles need and thus can potentially contribute to more effective training sessions and increased muscle growth. Without enough adequate carbohydrate your muscles can begin to use up your protein stores and you really don’t want that happening.

With so much information available on the internet, it is natural that not all of it is backed by scientific evidence and some of it has even been disproved through research. Small amounts of high-quality protein throughout the day is beneficial for muscle growth so your body is getting a steady and constant supply of this vital dietary component. You can use supplements to help with your training but none of them are guaranteed to work 100% so you will just have to monitor your intake. It is also imperative that you stay well hydrated to enhance your workout potential.

Fitness classes

In this day and age there are so many classes you can attend which cater to all tastes and abilities. Whether you are looking to improve your flexibility, balance or strength and endurance there is a fitness class to suit you.


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So, what are the main benefits of fitness classes? Let’s take a look…

Great for meeting people

Fitness classes are a fantastic way to meet people! They can be social hubs where you can meet like-minded people with similar goals and lifestyles to your own. Quite often exercising on your own can get a little boring if you prefer company. Fitness classes are great places for both social interaction and getting fit at the same time!

You’re accountable

Signing up for a class is a great way of holding yourself accountable, you can schedule your class in your diary and ensure you attend. You can get organized and decide which classes you want to attend at the start of the week and organize your social and work life around them!

A solid hour of exercise

Attending a fitness class is a great way getting in a set amount of exercise. It’s all too easy to rock up the gym or your local fitness center and just potter about for a short while and then leave. A fitness class means you will be exercising solidly for the whole duration of the class and your instructor will ensure you keep going!

Variety is the spice of life!

The great thing about fitness classes is the variety you can enjoy. There really is something for everyone! From yoga classes, Pilates and stretch to high-octane plyometric classes, abs circuits, spin and everything in between!

Fitness classes are great for motivation because all you have to do is turn up and then enjoy a structured workout by a fitness professional.

Do you want to learn more ? We wrote a complete guide about the different types of fitness classes for you.

Fitness coach at home

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For some people the gym can be an intimidating place. For others, it is simply annoying. Between the grunting, the crashing of weights, the inconsiderate users and the smell of sweat, the gym really can be an unpleasant atmosphere. Of course, it is still important to maintain your level of health and fitness, which is why so many people invest in a home gym, or simply re-purpose part of their home as a ‘fitness space’.

The only problem then becomes equipment and expertise. How do you know what equipment is essential, beneficial, or a complete waste of time? How do you know you are training efficiently, both during your session and long-term? This is where in-home personal training can fill in the gaps!


personal trainer oakville working from home


A mobile Personal Trainer can advise on equipment purchases, use of space, exercise programs, lifestyle changes and more. What’s more, training at home can save you substantial amounts on gym memberships, meaning that in-home personal training can end up costing you almost nothing! If your trainer can help you make smart equipment choices, you may even save money going the in-home personal training route. For example, say you were considering purchasing an elliptical. This might cost upwards of a thousand dollars for a decent unit, which even then will have a limited lifespan. If your trainer looks at your situation and instead recommends a set of kettlebells, you now have equipment that takes up less space, can develop your strength as well as your cardiovascular conditioning, is cheaper up front and can last a lifetime unless you drop it on concrete.

As for the physical benefits of in-home personal training, these are considerable. Participants under the one-to-one guidance of a coach or trainer have been shown to have far better results. In fact one report suggests that it may be the single biggest contributor to successful weight loss.

What’s more, the biggest failing that training at home has compared to a gym is a lack of support; there is no one to tell you what you are doing is wrong or dangerous, nor to help you if you have any kind of accident. Compared to this, in-home personal training offers the safety and support of the gym environment, without the awkwardness or the ill-informed advice that can come from your fellow gym-goers.

As long as you do your homework on your trainer, in-home personal training can be a fantastic investment. It can get you better, faster results, keep you focused and motivated and help you to develop both the regime and the set-up to make your in-home fitness goals a success. As an added bonus, it’s harder to hide forbidden foods when you have a trainer coming over, so an in-home personal trainer can even help with nutritional compliance.

Fitness coach online

Here are just a few benefits of having an online fitness coach…

Highly convenient

An online coach is a fantastic idea for all those super busy individuals who simply don’t have time to meet a trainer every week. Of course, the demands of modern life can mean you are stretched for time and fitness takes a back seat.

An online coach can provide all the benefits without you having to pay for individual sessions.

You can benefit from tailored nutrition plans and exercise regimes as well as being able to contact your coach at anytime you need to ask a question etc. It’s super convenient and it’s very much the future of personal training.


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Cost effective

Online coaching is very cost effective. It usually costs a lot less than 1 on 1 personal training sessions. This makes it highly beneficial if you are on a stricter budget but still, want to achieve all of your goals in the most effective way possible.

A more comprehensive service

With Inhome Trainers you can enjoy around the clock customer support. A full, comprehensive service is offered so you aren’t left second-guessing anything at all. Your trainer gets to know in-depth knowledge about you and your needs so everything is completely bespoke to your needs.

No time or location constraints

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world because you can benefit from the very best personal trainers via online coaching. It gives you access to the cream of the crop as they say in personal trainers. Whether you are in the USA, UK or Australia you can indulge in the very best trainers all with the click of a button.

Check in’s

An online coach will hold you accountable for a weekly check in. This means you have to report back to your coach every week with a review of how your week has gone, how your plan is working for you, and your new weight.

Sometimes this can also involve your scale weight and any measurements you have been keeping such as waist, thighs, and hips.

There are so many more benefits to online personal training; the above ones are just a mere few.

Who exactly can benefit from Fitness coaching?

A personal trainer will develop an effective fitness plan based on your personal needs and fitness goals. This automatically leads to faster and better results. Personal training is also beneficial for people who suffer from conditions, such as asthma, arthritis, injuries or heart condition. A personal trainer will design a specific program keeping your health condition in mind. In some cases, specialized workouts can also promote faster healing and recovery.

Inhome Trainer offers coaching services for everyone wanting to feel better. We’ve been helping out a wide variety of people including people with specific needs such as:

We also do prenatal, yoga training, etc…

How to select the right fitness coach?

If you are working with a personal trainer this will be laid out for you. By this we mean you will be given a tailored nutrition plan, exercise regime, and tailored workouts. It is your trainer’s job to ensure you achieve the success you want. All you have to do is follow instructions and stick to your plans. Make no excuses and remember persistence is the key.


Mike is a fitness coach
Mike, from Inhome Trainer will help you find the right personal trainer for your needs.


Should we be looking for the trainer with the latest ios update installed or some kind of cybernetic enhancement chip to make sure they can process our nutritional needs 3% faster than the average human? Or is it all a little simpler than that? Luckily, it is. There is a specific set of guidelines that you can follow when ‘shopping’ for a PT that will ensure you get your moneys worth.

Who what where why how…show?

Every single one of these questions should be asked in the initial consultation. On your quest to finding the best personal trainer you should have a list or ready questions. Who have you trained previously? What kind of goals did they have? Where did you train them? (is the location suitable for you?) How did you achieve those goals? (the answer should never be illicit drugs, just regimented nutrition and training) Show me evidence? – if you ask all of these questions and they all get soundly answered, the chances are high that you’re onto a winner.

So what?

No, don’t literally say this! – it’s important though that once you’ve vetted the trainer, you then take their existing examples and correlate them with your current life style and ask the question “How does that translate into my situation and how can these examples be adapted to my lifestyle to achieve the same results?” in truth, a less experienced trainer would start to fold right about now at the semi interrogation process! An experienced one would relish in the challenge being presented to them and realize you were trying to test their mettle, as such; they’d be intensely focused on providing you with the right answers. Their reputation would demand that they simply couldn’t allow themselves to let you down or give you doubt.

3 months from now, where will we be?

This one’s great, and the answers could vary massively. If you had a goal of 50 pounds to lose in weight, and you asked this question – what would you expect the answer to be? Because you could get many! It’s important that we decipher between the kind of answers you should hear, and the answers that raise red flags. Firstly, in the case a realistic answer would be around 24 pounds or two pounds a week, which is a realistic and a safe amount to lose in 3 months. Also you will see massive improvements in fitness, and a serious overhaul of your body including reduced stress and the daily fatigue you’ve been describing.”Now if the answer was 5o pounds or more then something isn’t quite right! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If the answer isn’t specific to any of the areas of your life you’ve talked about so far, then in truth they probably don’t actually have a clue how they’re going to do it and are instead just focusing on telling you what you want to hear to secure a sale. Equally, if it sounds like they’re promising something unrealistic, they no doubt are.

When can we start?

This one isn’t necessarily an enormous concern, but if any of the above negative elements have been displayed then it’s worth paying attention to! – Once you’ve stated your availability, there should be a little debate in regards to the trainer’s diary and where they can fit you in. What you really want to hear is “well, I could fit you in here, or here.” If there’s absolutely no reservation about agreeing to your time slot, then the chances are that they don’t train many people. That’s not good! A busy trainer is USUALLY a good trainer.
By paying attention to these points you’ll ensure that your chances of hiring the ‘best’ personal trainer are high, and the series of questions listed will at least show that the trainer does know what they’re talking about, and have achieved success with others. That’s about as much of a guarantee that they’re amongst the best as anything.

How to stay motivated?

Training is difficult at the best of times, still, you’ll always see a core of dedicated gym goers sweating it out. What people don’t realize is though, these seemingly invincible gym warriors are only human, they just abide to a set of very simple rules that help them stay focused, stay lean, and train mean! Want to know some of the best tips to keep you motivated?


a woman is happy resting doing fitness


Here goes…

Tip number 1 – Visualize

The most common mistake most people make is not pre determining their own direction. If you don’t know how you want to look or what kind of body you’re trying to create NOW for the warmer months when you’ll be leaner (if you don’t do that you really should) then you won’t even be inspired to train! Decide now what you’ll become tomorrow.

Tip number 2 – Calculate

It’s all well and good visualising what you want to look like, but if you can’t guarantee you’ll get there then you’ll find yourself getting disheartened VERY quickly. As a bare minimum you need to calculate how many calories you’ll need to consume, as well as the correct nutrient split for your chosen goal before undertaking your chosen physical activity. The website freedieting.com will give you free access to all the helpful calculators needed to make this happen!

Tip number 3 – Create, don’t wait

If you wait for the right time to take decisive action and catapult yourself towards your training goal, the time will simply never come. Without meaning to sound pessimistic, we don’t live in a world that creates opportunities for us, we create those opportunities ourselves by choosing when the best, and least likely to be sabotaged time slot in our day is that we can get an important task done. If you master this one trick, you’ll guarantee your own success.

Tip number 4 – Get a personal trainer

You’re at least 99% more likely to succeed in a partnership. Fact. Find someone who can support the goals you need to achieve, create a time schedule that works for you with your trainer, and stick to it! Be there for your sessions and ask as many questions as you like, your personal trainer will support you through those difficult runs and instances where you are tempted to binge. This is SO much easier than just relying on yourself, and means you’ll be accountable for your progress.

Tip number 5 – Train sooner, rather than later…

The later in the day you choose your workout time slot, the more chance there is of something coming a long to royally screw up your plans. Did you know some of the busiest people in the world today manage to squeeze in 45 minutes per day for their physical fitness first thing in the morning, before anything else can interfere? Don’t like getting up early? Neither do they – but they know that good health is vital to success!

How much does a fitness coach cost?

Personal training costs vary massively; in fact, they vary about as much as the skill sets of personal trainers themselves and the individual niches they represent. It’s a good thing really that you have a choice between paying $120+ per session in some cases, or as little as $30 in others as it makes personal training accessible to everyday folk.


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If you want to learn more, check out our article about how much does personal trainer cost.

Become a fitness coach

Have you been considering a career in personal training? Or are you a personal trainer already and just enjoying the position so much you want a bit more positive reinforcement?

Check out our very complete guide about how to become a personal trainer in Canada.

Fitness coaches must remain up-to-date

If you are a fitness coach, being a cut above the rest is what gives you an edge in an already, very competitive market. Not only that, having such skills allows you to transform the lives of others, every day on a permanent basis.

Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. You can affect every area of a person’s life; transform their bodies, their health and their way of thinking.

Having such an important role also warrants refreshing your knowledge. In a constantly evolving industry with so many health conditions and individual cases out there it’s important to keep updating your knowledge and continuing to improve.

Time to move on to the next step?


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Contact us then! We can set you up for success 🙂

Oh, and here is a playlist for all your fitness needs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JZY3ZtCUs4

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