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During our 15 years of service, inhometrainer has worked with some of the top companies across Canada to establish corporate personal training programs geared for success. Our programs can help you and your co-workers achieve great health all from the comfort of your workplace. With options from cardio body weight workouts, weight training, boxing, and Yoga rest assured our corporate personal training programs will help enhance employee satisfaction and morale.


If you have been busy working at the office all day often the last thing you feel like doing when you finish work is going to the gym! In fact 77% of people who have a gym membership hardly ever attend! Yet you desire to be fit. You want to lose weight and tone up. Above all you want to be healthy, so you know you need to exercise. What is the solution?

Well one great solution is office personal training. With Corporate personal training the Personal Trainer comes to you, at your place of work, so it’s incredibly convenient. You can choose to do your exercise session either right there at your desk, or head into an empty office space.

Your Personal Trainer will design a workout that can be done then and there in the office, perhaps even making use of some of the furniture and equipment that is laying around.


The Benefits Of Office Personal Training

Apart from the convenience factor, your Personal Trainer can also help you to offset some of the damage which is caused by sitting at a desk all day. Sitting for long periods of time is actually very unnatural for humans, and is incredibly bad for our bodies, posture and backs.

You may notice that you are stiff and perhaps you even suffer from a sore neck or back pain, all symptoms of sitting too long. Office personal training will encourage you to get up out of your seat and move around. With Corporate personal training, your trainer will be able to give you exercises to stretch your muscles and mobilize your back and other joints, easing stiffness and helping to reduce back pain. It’s amazing what a difference it can make even just to do some basic back mobility exercises, you will be a lot more comfortable and could even be pain free.

female personal trainerStrengthening your muscles will also help you to increase your core strength, improve your posture and offset any imbalances you may have in your body. Quite aside from the fact that you will burn calories, lose fat and shape up.

Your Trainer will also be able to prescribe some simple exercises that you can do while you are at your desk or in the office between training sessions, so that you can keep moving. This will help to keep your metabolism going throughout the day, improve circulation and help you to stay healthy. The long term benefits could be a significantly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

All too often the typical shape of an office worker is ‘podgy around the edges’ however this needn’t be the case for you! Instead work with your office personal training sessions for optimum health and a better body!

Other benefits of working out at the office include increased alertness, improved concentration and even heightened mood.

Workouts can be tailored to your needs so that you don’t even need to change out of your work clothes if you don’t want to!

Even if you work from home office personal training is an option for you. Or, if you are the boss at your company, why not call us to see how office personal training can benefit your workforce and improve productivity.

Make contact with one of our friendly Personal Trainers today and discuss how office personal training can work for you and your colleagues/staff.


Here are some of the benefits of corporate personal training:

  • Improved productivity & effectiveness
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Attract and retain top employees
  • Build team unity
  • Programs that help shed body fat, improve strength and increase flexibility


Did you know that an aging and inactive workforce is more susceptible to back problems, repetitive strain injuries and disabilities associated with premature cardiovascular diseases?


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