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Earn a six + figure income today – let us show you how!

Did you know that by training only 4-5 hours a day at an average of $65 per session would earn you over $100,000 in net income for the year?

However, unfortunately most trainers work long, tireless hours and as a result barely scrape by, or even worse leave the industry all together. We were once in your shoes and realized there had to be better way!

Fortunately, we did find a better way.  At inhometrainer we turned our passion of personal training into a highly profitable business and we want to show you how you can do the same. By being part of the inhometrainer team you are joining forces with a company that has over 15 years of experience and a proven fitness model that ensures success.

Be Ahead of the Competition

Become a personal trainer today! By joining inhometrainer you will instantly be recognized as an elite and professional in home personal trainer complete with your own professional looking web page to promote and grow your business.

One of the most powerful marketing tools for personal trainers is the internet. The name inhometrainer is not only largely recognized but is highly searched as well. Therefore one of the best ways to attract new clients to the inhometrainer.ca website is to be highly featured in search engine rankings. Our name alone ranks near the top of search results. We also recognize the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and through our continued investments in SEO we ensure to be near the top in search engine rankings.

Professional and Informative Website

Providing your clients with the access to a professionally designed website that includes videos, information, and a clear call to action is the key to success. If you want leads and inquiries your website must be easy to navigate and most importantly look better than your competitors. When visiting the inhometrainer web site clients are left with a positive experience on the type of service they will receive. This not only leads clients to choose you over competition but it also equates to more sales for you!

Online Support System

At inhometrainer, technology comes built in. We give you the edge over competitors with an easy to use program design system and online scheduler. Your clients will automatically be reminded when a package expires so they can easily keep track of session used and have the ability to renew online. You also have access to professionally designed marketing brochures, business cards and your own personal email address at inhometrainer.ca.

become a personal trainer

Program Design

Inhometrainer has partnered with Physiotec™ one of Canada’s leading online program design systems which gives you access to design and create unlimited programs with ease. This distinctive software extends access to: Up to 5,000 exercises illustrated with drawings, photos, as well as video links.

Become a personal trainer and choose from a variety of pre-made programs specifically prepared by inhometrainer or simply create you own. It’s that easy!

Client Management Tools In Your Own Back Office

One of the most important but onerous tasks when recruiting a new client is ensuring that all the appropriate documentation is completed. You will be able to download all the necessary legal forms including the initial consultation questionnaire, personal training agreements and any medical condition forms. In order to stay organized and manage your existing clients effectively it is essential to keep accurate records of their progress. You will be able to track their personal training sessions, set up auto reminders when a package is about to expire, take payments and run your business online or with the latest smart phone app.

Email and Marketing Campaigns

Inhometrainer will create and deploy informational E-newsletters on your behalf. A professionally designed E-mail marketing campaign is a great way to attract new clients as well keep your current clients loyal to your training services. Our campaigns are designed to offer free nutritional information, fitness and video tips, along with motivational testimonial and compelling stories. In addition, with the push of a button your clients can easily share and recommend your services through social media, buy gift cards with our online store, and much more!

become a personal trainer

We Turn Prospects Into Clients

Once a potential client has shown interest in your services, it is important to convert them from a ‘Prospect” into a ‘Client’ as quickly as possible. The website enables them to act immediately and make contact with you in real-time. Prospects will either call our 24/7 Toll-free number, or enter their information into a contact form that comes through to our Head Office. Inhometrainer will send an automatic email response on your behalf and you will be copied on this email to follow up to continue further communication.

Unlimited Growth 

By becoming a personal trainer with inhometrainer you will have the opportunity for unlimited income growth.  You can run a highly profitable in home training business. While certain territories tend to go fast, we offer trainers with an entrepreneurial spirit the option of becoming a successful business partner with a Licensed position.


Did you know?

Most fitness franchises will charge anywhere from $10,000-$100,000 to begin working with them and that doesn’t include leasing of a building and equipment which will run even further.

At inhometrainer there is virtually no overhead with unlimited growth potential.  With over 15 years of experience you can join what is perhaps the longest running in-home personal training brand in the country.

The monthly investment is $599.  While we appreciate that many of you think there must be additional costs, we can assure you there are none.

Upon joining our team, all of our trainers receive $700 in advertising credits to launch their business plus continued advertising support and coaching.

This is not a franchise and there are no ongoing royalty fees and high start up costs. You keep 100% of everything you earn.

To get started on your path to unlimited growth simply enter your details on the form below and join a growing team of in-home trainers who are making a difference in the world!

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