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To get the support you need it is vital that you choose a Personal Trainer who does more than just work on your body, they must also understand the principles of behaviour change so that they can work with your mind as well and lead you all the way to success.

inhometrainer has been established since 1999 in Canada, and excels in providing qualified expert personal training.

To find the personal trainer that will help you achieve your goals please use our location search above or click below to explore all the places in Canada where we inhometrainer offers personal training.

We provide In Home Personal Training And Online Zoom Training.

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Inhome Trainer offers a wide variety of services, including personal training for seniors, children, women, office workers and more.

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In Home Yoga Training

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In Home Yoga Training

Top Tips for Finding a Personal Trainer

1. Start by noting down your requirements for a Trainer. These are the things that the Personal Trainer simply must offer in order to fulfil your exercise needs. For example it could be that you require a Trainer who is inspiring and upbeat, or you may need a Trainer who will come to you in the home if time is a concern.

2. Next write down any strong ‘don’t wants’ such as maybe you don’t want a Personal Trainer who is too strict, or vice versa. Take the time to make a few notes now and then you will have a much clearer picture of what you are looking for as you start your search.

3. Also make a list of ‘preferences’ for the Trainer you will work with. These are not absolute requirements, rather they are the little extras that would help you to really appreciate and enjoy the training. These could be things such as ‘brings some Yoga into the training sessions’ or ‘prefer to train with a male Trainer’.

4. Search the net for local Personal Trainers in your area and take a look at their websites. Perhaps you feel more confident working with a company who has a team of personal trainers and can help you if there ever was a concern. You can also pop in to any local gyms / leisure centres if it is convenient for you to do so. You will get a sense of what is on offer and with your notes on hand it will be easy to see whether the training being offered fits your requirements and preferences.

5. When finding a Personal Trainer make sure to look for proof that the Personal Trainer or company is good at what they do and provides a great service. Customer service is almost as important as the Trainer themselves. Proof can be found in the form of testimonials on their website, recommendations from a friend or case studies and success stories from people they have worked with.

6. Make s shortlist of at least 3 of your favourites.

7. Phone the company or Trainer. Tell them what you are looking for and ask whether they can offer you an appropriate package. Remember that no question is stupid. Make sure that you feel comfortable talking to them.

8. Book a Taster or Sample session. Most places will allow you to do this without buying a full package no problem. However if they don’t want to let you have a trial session it may be wise to look elsewhere.

9. Do your session with the Trainer. If it’s a fit then you have been successful and you have found your Trainer! If not simply say thank you and go back to your shortlist to try out the next Personal Trainer on the list.

10. Repeat the process until you wind up finding a Personal Trainer.

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