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Looking for a personal trainer in Port Coquitlam? Inhome trainer can help you find the trainer that you need.

All of our personal trainers are certified and hold the Inhome trainer certification and provide personal training for offices, home, for kids, adults and seniors.

  • Over 20,000 in-home personal training sessions completed and counting
  • Meal Plans and nutrition counselling included
  • Personalized fitness programs with photo and video illustration
  • No Equipment is necessary
  • Full fitness assessments and body composition testing
  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer
  • Programs that help shed body fat, increase flexibility and strengthen your body


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Adam is highly qualified in home personal trainer located in Vancouver and also does in home personal training in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby.

Fitness Philosophy/Mantra:

I love getting to know my clients, discovering their goals and finding ways to help them achieve their fitness aspirations.  I program workouts with longevity in mind, workouts that improve movement patterns, posture, strength and body composition.

Favourite body part to train:

Legs!  I always get a good sweat going when I work my lower body, it feels incredible and I am usually pooped after a complete lower body session.


Meeting new people, exploring the city I am in, drinking coffee at a small local café with a book in hand, playing guitar and singing

Fun fact:  

I’ve worked many years coaching exercise in a Cardiac Rehabilitation program, so chances are I’m the trainer for you if you have any metabolic diseases! I also specialize in weight loss programs, muscle building, flexibility and can help with your nutrition needs!

Fitness Certifications/Credentials/Accomplishments/

Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist®, American College of Sport Medicine Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist

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Tricia. H

Growing up as an overweight child, it became apparent in my early adult years that I wanted to make a lasting change to improve to my health, fitness, self-image and improve my overall quality of life.

Throughout the years, I have overcome many obstacles including: unhealthy eating habits, post-natal weight loss, injury and broken bones, as well as time constrictions with raising a family.

Fitness Philosophy/Mantra:  Fitness and fun should go hand in hand!  No pain, no gain – NO thanks!  I am about creating a pleasurable fitness plan and supporting positive lifestyle changes.

Whether it’s to lose weight, gain some lean muscle mass, increase your mobility and range of motion or simply to be able to play and keep up with your children, we can work together to come up with a plan tailored for you.

My goal is to support your personal journey and equip you with the tools you need to reach your personal fitness goals.

Certifications/Courses:BCRPA and inhometrainer certified.

InterestsSince entering into early adulthood, I have had a passion for fitness and physical activity.  This passion has translated into practicing many types of activities including: weight training, running, HIIT, pilates, yoga, cross fit, Zumba, hiking, kayaking and the list goes on.

As a mother of 3 teenagers, I have also become an avid amateur sports fan! Oh and yes, a great piece of home made apple pie every now and again.

Fun fact:I have trained for and passed the CPAT (firefighter physical fitness exam), and once proudly wore turnout gear as Firefighter.

Brandon. H

Hi! My name is Brandon. I am a double major at University working towards majors in Kinesiology and Education, and am a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise physiology (CSEP-CPT). Beyond personal training, I am a very active person. I play lacrosse at the national level, and when I am not training I enjoy volleyball, basketball, golf, hiking, BBQ’s with friends and playing guitar.

As an in home personal trainer, I focus on functional fitness and aspects of overall health and wellness. I design workouts to include strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility components. I am also able to assist in developing plans for nutrition and overall well-being.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a specific goal, I would be happy to work with you! My goal is to help you reach your goals and make you the best, happiest, and healthiest version of you that you can be! I will work with you to develop a sustainable plan for long-term health and develop healthy habits through manageable steps towards your desired results.

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