Inhometrainer has empowered thousands of our clients to achieve fantastic health and here is just a sampling of what some of them said. Even doctors understand the benefit of great health. Inhometrainer is the company they trusted.

Barbara. C

My name is Barbara. I have lived with multiple sclerosis for over 40 years and have type 1 diabetes.  When I joined inhometrainer I was anxious because I didn’t know whether I could do “the program”.

I learned very quickly that “the program” was about me and my abilities!

My trainers Serge and Mike challenge me to move up a notch or two above my current abilities. They accept that I cannot, because of nerve damage due to MS, do certain exercises. They support and encourage me when I get discouraged and have promised to not give up on me! ?

BUT they do not stop there! They try  different exercises to get certain muscles to fire and if those don’t work, they say ” leave it with me” and next visit they have new approaches for me to try.

Because our objectives are to keep me walking and reduce falls, it is important to exercise more than the times they are with me. Each has given me exercises to do daily to keep working toward achieving our objectives.

These trainers are awesome and I wholeheartedly recommend inhometrainer!

*results may vary

Sam & Angela

Dear inhometrainer,

My husband and I cannot say enough about the program!

The hardest part was getting started. Once we made the decision to get back into shape, inhometrainer helped us achieve our goal weight. We could not have done it alone, and going to a gym was inconvenient and intimidating.

Without the help of our amazing trainers, we could not have achieved our goals. My husband lost 30 pounds, and I’ve lost 14 pounds. We feel so good and we have continued the program on our own because we know what to do.  

inhometrainer showed us how to lose weight and keep it off. No gimmicks, no pills, no equipment! Just proper circuits, exercise, and good nutrition tips.

I have recommended inhometrainer to all of our family and friends who have commented on our weight loss.

Thanks again inhometrainer you transformed our lives!

*Please note results may vary.

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