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Inhometrainer has empowered thousands of our clients to achieve fantastic health and here is just a sampling of what some of them said. Even doctors understand the benefit of great health. Inhometrainer is the company they trusted.

Saundra & Neil A.

Everyone should have an inhometrainer. My husband and I were in very poor physical health when our personal trainer came into our lives. We were just recovering from some illnesses and could have won the award for couch potatoes of the year. We were quickly and scientifically assessed on our level of fitness and provided a program that was non-threatening and fun. He utilized all of our equipment which was sitting unused in our home and took us step by step over the course of a year to become physically fit.

Having a healthy and new body was very exciting for seniors in their 60’s and 70’s. We have actually aged younger!

inhometrainer provided us with an excellent personal trainer and an easy to use illustrated program that we can follow at home in our own daily schedule. We have achieved a level of physical fitness that we never thought was possible. Being healthy and active has enabled the both of us to have an exciting and fun life following our life passions. Thank you inhometrainer!

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DR. Neil K.

My name is Dr. Neil K and I am an emergency physician working in one of Canada’s busiest emergency departments.  Over the past decade, the stress of the job combined with the rigours of shift work and poor eating habits have led to a steady unwanted weight gain.  It is well documented in that shift workers are at a higher risk for numerous serious health conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.  Despite the knowledge, and witnessing countless heart attacks and strokes, it has been hard to break years of bad habits.  Past attempts at diets and workout programs have always failed to keep off the weight.

Fortunately I have now been under the expert guidance of the inhometrainer. As a result, I am in the best shape of my life.

More importantly I have kept the weight off and I feel stronger than ever!!!  I highly recommend inhometrainer, especially for all the shift workers out there.

*Please note results may vary.

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