Client Testimonials

Inhome trainer client testimonials


Robert F.

Two years ago, I was feeling lethargic, was not sleeping well, and had no energy. I was 205 pounds, size 38 waste and 44 jacket. I felt “bloated” and missed meals all day, and gorged at night. I spent far too much time in front of the computer! I felt compelled to doing a workout and usually did some cardio and weights but was getting no results. In fact, I was gaining fat! Then when I realized my blood pressure was starting to creep up, I knew it was time to get my life into check.My trainer counselled me on nutrition and gave me one heck of a work out program, that was changed frequently to “shock” my system.
Well, the pictures tell a thousand words! I am now down to approximately 12% body fat, lost 55 pounds and am now at my ideal weight of 150 pounds, and I am more carved than ever in my entire life.
I think better! I feel more energized too! I am now skiing, snowshoeing, and cycling…and having a riot doing it! I have a more positive attitude on life! I also feel and my friends tell me I look 20 years younger! It’s amazing what my personal trainer has done for me! Without the help, guidance and motivation of my personal trainer, I would not be where I am today! Thanks inhometrainer! You saved my life!

Terri K.

I’ve owned exercise equipment for years, so I was hesitant at the value of hiring a personal trainer to show me what to do! I realized that I was making excuses and wasting my time. inhometrainer helped me with the mindset and motivation I needed to finally achieve my goals.
I am so happy with the results I achieved and the inches I lost.  Today I have the strength and energy to enjoy all that life has to offer.
Thank you for the support of such an amazing team of in home personal trainers. I highly recommend inhometrainer!
debi lade

Debi L.

I cannot say enough amazing and wonderful things about my trainer Aman and inhometrainer. She is dedicated, and professional. She works wonders to accommodate my schedule. She understands my abilities and always gears my workouts to those abilities while at the same time, challenging me.
She is always safe and reminds me about drinking water during our workouts and breaking when I need to. She is FUN and the music she uses motivates me and the diversity of her workouts have been fantastic. I never get bored and the level of challenge has increased as we’ve been working together. I am seeing great results in my body…both from a weight loss perspective as well as my strength, endurance, and confidence.
I would rate the service from inhometrainer as well above a 10!!!
I am very impressed with everything so far with this company. I know this is a lifestyle for me and I am so happy that inhometrainer has been there for the journey. I have recommended inhometrainer to EVERYONE I KNOW! I am always talking about how awesome it is. Thank you!
neil saundra

Saundra & Neil A.

Everyone should have an inhometrainer. My husband and I were in very poor physical health when our personal trainer came into our lives. We were just recovering from some illnesses and could have won the award for couch potatoes of the year. We were quickly and scientifically assessed on our level of fitness and provided a program that was non-threatening and fun. He utilized all of our equipment which was sitting unused in our home and took us step by step over the course of a year to become physically fit.
Having a healthy and new body was very exciting for seniors in their 60’s and 70’s. We have actually aged younger!
inhometrainer provided us with an excellent personal trainer and an easy to use illustrated program that we can follow at home in our own daily schedule.  We have achieved a level of physical fitness that we never thought was possible.  Being healthy and active has enabled the both of us to have an exciting and fun life following our life passions. Thank you inhometrainer!

Laxmi O.

During my time with a inhometrainer, I’ve noticed amazing results, not only physical, but I’ve also developed a new outlook on life. My trainer has helped me understand that through hard work, and perseverance anything is possible.
Working with a personal trainer has changed my life; I have more energy, and most of all I’ve become happier and even in stressful situations, I can handle stress better.
inhometrainer, not only focused on physical trainning, but guided and advised me regarding proper nutrition and healthy eating.
I noticed that my whole family has benefitted from the simple minor changes I have made to our selection of foods.I thank inhometrainer for bringing this positive change in my life. I wish them good luck and hope more and more people give them a try and see the difference for themselves.
 Roy & Babita Picutre

Roy & Babita

We have been exercising since January 2013 and as a result we have noticed that we are getting fitter and healthier.  We love the convenience of having a trainer come to our house at times that are suitable to us.  Serge has been great in building up our confidence and skill in such a way that is benefiting to us.

Due to regular and consistent exercise from the past eight months, my (Babita’s) good Cholesterol has gone up which has never happened.   My doctor has taken me off the Cholesterol pills.  
We have also noticed health benefits such as losing fat and gaining muscle. Our trainer also suggested ideas to improve our diet so we can get healthier.  We feel mentally and physically strong. Thanks inhometrainer!
As my personal trainer, I feel that Manuela has not just transformed my body, but also transformed how I feel about my body.  She clearly knows the technical aspects of her field such as specific exercises for which muscles, nutrition, stretching, core strength, balance, flexibility, repetition, toning, bulking, etc.  What clearly sets her apart from other personal trainers for me is that she is also excellent at managing my emotions about health and exercise.  For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy exercise and I look forward to seeing the results.  Manuela’s depth of experience is one of her best assets.


I look forward to my sessions with inhometrainer because she is a warm, funny, and kind person who pushes me very hard while somehow convincing me that I’m having a great time!  I have increased my fitness, stamina, and balance while losing several inches around my hips & while gaining muscles. I’m excited to see how my body and my mental approach continue to evolve.

Thank you inhometrainer!