Affordable Personal Training

Affordable personal training – There are several fitness companies today that feel the need to sell over 250 sessions to their clients, with contracts and payment plans similar to buying a luxury vehicle.

This has become an expensive practice and unrealistic for most people. Most competitors will sell long contracts and sessions that can range between $99-150 per session.

At Inhometrainer, you won’t find a contract that locks you in for years, and our program is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you would like to train with a friend or family member, we offer the first person at full price and the second person pays a nominal fee of just $15 per session. We make personal training fun and feasible for everyone.

Accountability -While most of our programs offer great circuit style workouts optimal for shedding body fat and building lean muscle, we also help monitor your nutrition and take frequent measurements to ensure you always stay on track.

Convenience – We know that your time is valuable in today’s hectic world. Learn to exercise in the comfort of your own home while dinner cooks in the oven. All this without the hassle of being stuck in traffic, driving to a gym and stuffing your clothes into a tiny locker. It has never been easier to stay in shape right from the comfort of home.

Rewards – Earn points simply by competing a personal training session or posting online about your great workout. Many of our clients today receive free personal training simply by referring our great service to family and friends. At inhometrainer we understand loyalty and we will reward you every step of the way.

Personal Training Rates

Strength Pack Fit Pack

Transformation Pack

90-Days  180-Days


95 (1x) 85 (1x) 79 (1x)
85 (2x) 80 (2x) 75 (2x)
75  (3+) 75 (3+) 69 (3+)
*Single session packs available- $109.00/session

*Based on 1, 2 or 3+ sessions per week.

Shop with confidence with our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

All programs include a complimentary meal plan, illustrated program + video program, accountability calls, progress reports and more.


No equipment needed- Our trainers come equipped and will also incorporate full body functional fitness to help you get into the best shape of your life!

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