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Inhometrainer is one of the leading providers of personal trainer jobs in Canada.

Personal Training is a competitive industry where you need to offer your clients something over and above what other personal trainers can offer. We have a proven track record of success and 15 years as the premier in-home personal training company in Canada.

personal training jobsAs a freelance certified personal trainer, I began servicing clients from inhometrainer at the beginning of my career. I was given the opportunity to build a solid foundation that has grown to a stable and profitable businessSergio

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Why join Inhome trainer?

There are a number of reasons why you should join the inhometrainer team. It does not matter whether you are an established trainer in operation, or you recently became certified and would like to run your own personal training business.

Here are just some of the reasons why many personal trainers are joining our team today:

  • Become part of a network of growing in-home personal trainers across Canada
  • Confidence of a company with 20+ years as a leader and innovator of in-home personal training
  • Custom back-end software to run your business like a pro
  • All the necessary legal documents required to run your business

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Become a personal trainer with InhomeTrainer

Be Ahead of the Competition

By joining inhometrainer you will instantly be recognized as an elite and professional in home personal trainer complete with your own professional looking web page to promote and grow your business.

Professional and Informative Website

Providing your clients with the access to a professionally designed website that includes videos, information, and a clear call to action is the key to success.

Online Support System

At inhometrainer, technology comes built in. We give you the edge over competitors with an easy to use program design system and online scheduler. You also have access to professionally designed marketing brochures, business cards and your own personal email address at inhometrainer.ca.

Program Design

Send your clients a customized program that includes photo and video demonstrations. The simplicity of the system gives you access to design and create unlimited programs with ease. Chose from a variety of pre-made programs specifically prepared by inhometrainer or simply create you own. It’s that easy!

Client Management Tools In Your Own Back Office

Receive payments, send invoices or download all the necessary legal forms and medical forms all conveniently located in your back office suite

Email and Marketing Campaigns

inhometrainer will create and deploy professional looking informational E-newsletters and print campaigns to ensure your clients stay up to date with the latest health information.

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