Personal Trainer in Kitchener

Are you searching for a personal trainer in Kitchener, Cambridge or Waterloo?

We have great news for you! Our certified personal trainers can design a great in home training program personalized for you!

Our in home training programs help shed body fat, lose weight, build strength and the best part is you never have to leave home!  Any age and fitness level are welcome. We also provide rehabilitation and injury prevention programs to compliment your exercise plan.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Meal Plans and nutrition plans to maximize results
  • Personalized fitness programs with photo and video illustration
  • Full fitness assessments and body composition testing
  • Rehabilitation and injury management programs
  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer
  • Certified Kitchener Personal Trainer In Home
  • No Equipment is necessary with a Kitchener Personal Trainer
  • Programs that help decrease body fat, improve flexibility and strengthen your body

We choose only the top personal trainers in the field to work with us.

All of our trainers are 100% certified and also hold our additional in-home trainer certification.

Our in house personal trainers provide in home personal training, condo personal training, office personal training, boot camps, kids personal training, seniors personal training, office personal training, virtual and online personal training as so much more.

To get started quickly we recommend filling out the form provided and you will be contacted shortly by a certified Kitchener Personal Trainer.

Liam. F

Kitchener, Ontario Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Liam and I’m a sports fitness enthusiast by heart and my passion is helping clients just like you live the healthy life that you deserve.

When we first meet, I will help design the perfect program for you.  I will integrate my knowledge as a strength and conditioning specialist in designing a custom program of cardiovascular, mobility, core, and strength training exercises for you based on your fitness goals.

I will help you master the basic functional movements to improve your strength and fitness and to build a foundation that get’s you RESULTS.

I have a strong passion for helping people loose weight and build strength and implementing various exercises based on my clients needs and goals.

In addition to my work as a personal trainer, I have served as a volunteer strength and conditioning coach for various athletes and have years of experiencing playing professional hockey


National council for certified personal trainers

First Aid And CPR

In-Home Trainer Certified

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I am excited to meet with you and look forward to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals.

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