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All of our trainers are 100% certified and also hold our additional inhometrainer certification.Our personal trainers in Milton provide in home personal training from the comfort of your home.

Over 20,000 in-home personal training sessions completed and counting.
Find out how inhometrainer could help you:

  • No Equipment is necessary
  • Full fitness assessments and body composition testing
  • Meal Plans and nutrition counselling included
  • Personalized fitness programs with photo and video illustration
  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer
  • Programs that help shed body fat, increase flexibility and strengthen your body


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Sarah. S

Fitness was not always part of my life. As a teenager, I was very inactive and had always struggled with feeling good about my body. My journey began in college while I was in school to become a paramedic. In order to complete my program I had to pass multiple lift and fitness tests. I began exercising and working on my lifting techniques and strength. I was able to accomplish my goals and work as a paramedic in Napanee. After working for a couple of years I became pregnant with my first child. Fitness became a less important factor to me over the next couple of years. After my second child, I found myself exhausted, unhealthy and up 60lbs. I knew at that point something had to change. I began creating home based workouts and eventually started incorporating weights and nutrition into my program as well. I took a nutrition course and eventually fell into the roll as a personal trainer.
Not only did I lose those 60lbs,  but I also gained strength, energy, confidence and so much more. All my life I knew I wanted to help others in some way, but until experiencing a life changing journey myself, I didn’t realize how much of a passion I had for fitness and helping others change their lives too. I was able to go from someone who was unhappy and inactive to an avid fitness enthusiast who competes in 5km obstacle races. Someone who can run around with her kids and enjoy all that life has to offer. Its not easy but with some guidance and support, I promise you it is worth it!!!
Fitness Philosophy/Mantra: Fitness can be an overwhelming subject.  Even with all of that information, we tend to forget everyone’s body is extremely different and not everyone has the same wants or needs. There are a lot of factors to consider when putting together an exercise and nutrition program. This can range from being able to lift your arm over your head, to losing 150lbs or competing in a bikini competition.  I am here to help you develop the best program that is customized for you!
Certifications/Courses.Paramedic/CanFitPro Personal training Specialist/Nutrition wellness course/Strength, build, burn and functional courses
Interests:Fitness is obviously up there! I love to challenge my body to see what it is capable of.  I love animals (pets are more then welcome!)I enjoy travelling (even if its just local to explore new places)Hiking and swimming are some of my favourite activities to do!I love working with children (I  am a mom of 2!)


Christopher. W

Location : In Home Personal Trainer servicing the Oakville, ON area.

Fitness Philosophy / Mantra :

As a certified personal trainer, health and fitness has been my passion for over 25 years. I combine the disciplines of the Chinese internal martial arts (Bagauzhang, Xingyiquan, and Ving Tsun) with other exercises including resistance, flexibility, and cardio training resulting in a unique workout experience. By learning the proper breathing, body co-ordination, and chi development through the Chinese martial arts, every other type of exercise you do will be enhanced resulting in better results; weight loss, increased strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, balance, and speed. In addition to the benefits listed above, stress reduction and psychological well-being is an integral part of my approach. Not only do the exercises themselves help with that, but I also employ meditation sessions and specific Qigong exercises to relax the body and mind. Once those things are in place, any exercises you do will be enhanced.

In addition to the martial arts background, I also come from a bodybuilding background, having experience in both muscle gain and weight loss. I practice many unique, almost forgotten techniques used by various athletes of the past which can dramatically improve your results. Ultimately, I want to teach people how to attain a realistic level of health and fitness without “living in the gym”. As a busy parent, I know the difficulties that can arise with scheduling in workouts and healthy eating. It is possible if you understand a few simple rules. With the combination of these different types of exercises and disciplines, I can help guide you to a new improved way of life. Adolescents, busy parents, business people, or seniors can all benefit.

Interests : Swimming, Hiking, Camping, Visual Arts, Music

Fun Fact : I play a mean electric guitar!

I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals! Please fill out the form to get started today!

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