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Are you looking for a personal trainer in Calgary?

Our in home exercise plans are great for shedding body fat, increasing mobility and improving strength.  Our programs are done all from the comfort of your home. No equipment is needed and any age and fitness level can benefit from our programs.


Here are just some of the reasons why you should work with a Calgary personal trainer:

  • inhometrainer has completed over 20,000 in home training sessions and counting
  • Personal training programs that are proven to shed body fat, and strengthen your body
  • Injury management and mobility programs
  • Personalized program cards with photo and video demonstrations
  • 100% Certified Personal Fitness Trainers in Calgary
  • Full fitness assessments and nutrition counselling included
  • Loyalty program with inhometrainer
  • No Equipment is necessary.  All we need is a 6ft x 6ft space

We choose only the best and most qualified personal trainers to work with us. All of our personal trainers are 100% certified and also hold our additional in home trainer certification.

Personal training in Calgary with us includes in home personal training, condo personal training, office personal training, boot camps, seniors personal training, kids personal training and more.

To get started quickly we recommend booking a Taster Session below, by clicking the blue button and you will be contacted shortly by a certified in home personal trainer in Calgary.

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Our Calgary Personal Trainers

Kristina. K

I am a certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, a Kinesiologist, and a AFLCA certified group fitness instructor. I have a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Psychology and a PhD in Exercise Science and Psychology. I hold additional certificates in TRX, older adult fitness instruction and indoor cycling.

I believe in fitness with a smile! With a positive attitude, dedication and a lot of hard work, many things are achievable through exercise. From losing weight to building aerobic and physical fitness, improving body composition and flexibility, and enhancing functional mobility, general health and wellbeing, the benefits of committing to a more active lifestyle are almost endless! I have a passion for helping people of all shapes, sizes and ages reach their health and fitness goals. I use a variety of approaches/modalities including body weight exercise, medicine balls, swiss balls, resistance bands, free weights, and TRX etc., to keep things fun and interesting and help clients achieve a variety of goals from running their first race to losing weight.


Long distance running, TRX, spinning, triathlon (Olympic and half ironman distance), weight training, walking and hiking with my puggle Niko, movies, puzzles

Fun fact:

 I am a twin and was born in Bermuda

Jason. M

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. I have been a competitive athlete since a very young age playing every sport that came my way to play. I was in the oil & gas industry for many years and lived an unhealthy lifestyle. In my early 20’s I became tired of the wave effect of being laid off from my job every 5 years and not feeling 100% health wise. I decide to take my health serious and transformed not only my body but my mindset. If I can help just one person daily to achieve excellence ,I am fulfilled!  My passion and fitness philosophy is helping someone exercise safely with proper exercise form and educating them on proper nutrition to live a long sustainable life. 


Canfitpro certified /Precision Nutrition Level 1 /CPR/AED certified /Certified TRX trainer /OTFit certification


I enjoy spending time with family and friends and building my businesses.  I love mentoring others and giving back all that I have learned. I also enjoy the outdoors from hiking to camping!

Fun Fact:

I am the CEO of my business and life. Spending time with positive like minded people fuels me to be my best version, which in return, I want for everyone else. **I’m also human and love my indulgence days as well** 😉 Contact me to get started today!

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