Personal Training for condo on the rise

Personal Training in condo

You may wonder ‘what exactly is personal training in condo?’

It’s a good question. Condo (short for condominium) ownership is on the rise in Canada, and many people are choosing the convenience of hiring a Personal Trainer to come to them at their condo over going out to visit the gym.

Condo Living

Condos are designed for modern living and convenience. They aim to provide an attractive living option for young professionals and baby boomers, or indeed anyone who appreciates city style living. The condos themselves, as well as the communal facilities, are set up to offer a great lifestyle solution in a busy, modern world. Part of this lifestyle includes leisure, health and wellness, and with this in mind most condos were designed with a gym facility on site.

Gyms In Condos

Condo gyms tend to be packed with the latest scientific gym equipment, ready for your workout, however these gyms are often very underused. Perhaps the technical aspect of the gym equipment puts people off.

As a condo resident you pay a monthly service charge, and this covers your use of all the communal facilities. The gym is one of these facilities that you are paying for, so why not make use of it?

The condo lifestyle is a truly modern one. Condos were built for Canadian families with modern living and convenience in mind. From young professionals to new families, stay at home moms and dads to students, many people are taking advantage of the numerous benefits that condo living brings, having personal trainers at home being just one of them.

Many new condo blocks include leisure facilities such as an on site gym and sometimes even a pool. Often there are pleasant outdoor areas within the complex. This makes them the ideal location for personal trainers.

Whether you like to train outside, use state of the art gym equipment or train in the comfort of your own condo, the benefits of using  Personal Trainers are numerous. A Personal Trainer can motivate and inspire you, creating an effective and enjoyable personalised workout program just for you, with your lifestyle in mind.

Personal Training In Condo

Personal Training In Condo



Personal Training Opportunities

Even when condo residents do make use of the gym facilities, they often don’t know where to start, and will head straight for the treadmill or elliptical machine simply because they recognize them. Often workouts are haphazard and aimless. Having a structured training plan is essential for improving fitness, losing weight and achieving your fitness goals, and without this structure to follow people tend to get bored and stop working out.

The fact that modern condos have gyms on site make it even more attractive to have an in home trainer. The trainer knows how to use all of the equipment in the gym to help you get the most out of your workout and achieve your goals faster, whether they be weight loss goals, building muscle or improving fitness.

With condo personal training the trainer will teach you how to use all the equipment for maximum benefit, so that you can also workout between sessions, including utilizing the best fitness programs on the machines for you as an individual.

If you don’t fancy using the gym at all it’s no problem. You can make use of the environment. You can head outdoors with your trainer or you can even opt to be trained in your own living space! Whether you live in a super modern condo block or an older condo with limited gym equipment our trainers are expert at creating a personalized workout, tailored especially for you, using the equipment to hand.



Personal trainers are Affordable!

When Trainers are not affiliated with any physical premises, such as a gym or leisure center, it keeps the costs down. This saving can then be passed on to you.

Usually when you train with Personal Trainers at a gym you have to pay their fee on top of the monthly gym membership. These costs can stack up! Add to that the cost of gas or public transport to get to the facility and the skinny latte you always grab on the way out after your workout, and you can see why it can work out much more more cost effective to train at home!

Today we are all aware that our time is precious – Time is money! You save time by having the Trainer visit you in your home.


Who Is Personal Training in condo For?

Condo personal training is for you if you are looking for a modern solution to the issue of keeping fit and healthy. It’s for you if you have a busy schedule, are pushed for time and you value convenience.

Ultimately it’s for you if you like the idea of working out at home.

Personal training in condos suits anyone who desires the convenience of not having to leave the condo complex to workout. It’s great for busy Mom’s, professionals and even students. It is ideal for you if you need some motivation and accountability to workout. Let’s face it many of us would rather flop in front of the TV than head to the gym. With condo personal training you will ensure you do complete your fitness workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

For more information about personal trainers in condo contact us using the form at the bottom of this page. One of our friendly Trainers will call you back

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4 ways to stay in shape while leaving in a condo:

example of condo living fitness style

Why not use these stairs to stay in shape?

Home workouts

Condos are ideal for home workouts. You don’t need to have a gym to enjoy an effective workout. In fact, the home environment is a fabulous one for training in. You can indulge in numerous fitness DVD’s which are excellent or design your own workout which could look something like this example circuit:

  • Stair sprints x 4
  • Chair dips x 12
  • Squat Jumps x 12
  • Burpees x 12

If you would like better advice on how to utilize your home, condo environment then its probably a good idea to look into getting an online personal trainer.

Online personal training

Living in a condo is the perfect setup to reap the benefits of an online personal trainer. If you are in a condo you might not have a car which would mean getting to the gym would be so much harder and less convenient. An online personal trainer is perfectly suited to a condo lifestyle. Your trainer can keep tabs on you and you can message your trainer from your phone or tablet at any time which is convenient.

The community gym

Condo lifestyle often delivers a few hidden gems. It is not uncommon for community gyms, communal garden, and outdoor areas to be utilized by fitness enthusiasts. Take full advantage of the gym if you have one and throw yourself into any classes that might be on. If you have a nice outdoor space you can certainly use this to perform some outdoor circuits – this is something an online trainer could help you with no end!

Use your condo life as an excuse to walk…

It might sound as though we are stating the obvious but if you are at the top of a condo complex then always take the stairs. Walking up and down stairs can really clock up some points on your pedometer and enhance your cv fitness. Try to walk to town and leave your car behind, use your condo as an excuse to be as active as possible.

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