Find an online personal trainer

Looking for an online personal trainer You are very likely reading this because you are looking for an online personal trainer. The Internet can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding the right trainer. Again finding a trainer online is like finding a designer bag, is it going to be genuine […]

How much does an online personal trainer cost?

A question which most people often wonder is what is the actual cost of online personal training, and what is it?  Unlike what most people think, Online personal training could be very affordable. Many online trainers out there have great programs for prices ranging from $50 a month to $500 a month. Here, at Inhometrainer, we […]

Personal Training and Yoga

Fitness and yoga are a match made in heaven! Yoga is a very popular form of fitness and can be enjoyed by an audience of all ages. Yoga has been around and practiced for over 5.000 years now, constantly enticing new people to become involved for its mind, body and spirit benefits. If you are […]

Personal Trainer Workouts

The huge misconception of personal trainer workouts is that they are super hard. Many people look over at PTS and just think, ‘no way’! You are probably used to seeing people sweat it out with a personal trainer but what you might not realize is that their session is totally unique to them. The trainer […]

10 reasons why fitness trainers can change your life

Fitness trainers fall into that category of people who are capable of changing your life. Sometimes all it takes is a positive personality and someone who knows what they are talking about to make a huge, positive impact on your life and wellbeing. Here are just 10 reasons why fitness trainers can change your life: […]