Online Fitness Coaches’ and why YOU need one

Quite frankly, online coaching is the future. Personal training has exploded in recent years and has developed even more so online enabling people to access the best trainers all over the globe! You are no longer limited to your local gym’s PT, you literally have the whole world to choose from! So what exactly is […]

The best personal training jobs

Personal training is such a versatile career. As a qualified personal trainer, there’s no end to where your qualifications can take you. Arguably personal training is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You can spend your days transforming other people’s lives for the better, teaching them how to eat properly and exercise. What […]

Vegan Personal Trainer

At Inhome Trainers we are also specialists in the vegan way of life. We understand the benefits of this lifestyle choice and can cater for your needs when it comes to training and nutrition plans. Being healthy is being balanced, and provided you take in the adequate amount of nutrients, including protein, for your body […]

4 reasons why personal trainers should continue taking courses.

Personal Training Courses The importance of updating your knowledge and continuing to improve If you are a personal trainer, being a cut above the rest is what gives you an edge in an already, very competitive market. Not only that, having such skills allows you to transform the lives of others, every day on a […]

Corporate Wellness with Personal Training

There are many reasons to consider corporate personal training. Today more and more companies are turning to corporate personal training and wellness programs for their employees in order to help them stay healthy and well. This in turn, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. In 2011 Sunlife calculated that 9.3 days per employee were lost on average through […]