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At Inhome Trainers we are also specialists in the vegan way of life. We understand the benefits of this lifestyle choice and can cater for your needs when it comes to training and nutrition plans.

Being healthy is being balanced, and provided you take in the adequate amount of nutrients, including protein, for your body type and size, then you can live and look as healthy as you like being a fully fledged vegan.

Vegan protein is plentiful

Protein is usually the biggest single obstacle for those looking to go vegan but not wanting to lose their ability to progress their physical activity, but protein is actually available from SO many natural sources that you’ll simply be shocked at how easy it is to stay lean and mean whilst following primarily a plant based diet.

Beans, pulses, and even some fruit varieties contain almost as much protein comparatively by weight than many meat sources, the only set back with the vegan lifestyle is that most of your choices will not contain all 9 ESSENTIAL amino acids like meat and dairy products do – in lay mans terms, some plant based food sources contain three to four types, whereas other sources contain a different three to four of the essential nine.

This simply means that you need to combine food sources to get them all, and by doing so, you’ve achieved exactly the same outcome as somebody who eats a meat and dairy based diet.

Healthier Immune System

Being a vegan can help keep your immune system alkalinized, especially by incorporating foods that help boost your immune system such as mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, tea, and sweet potato. Following a nutrition plan that consists of whole foods will help defend you against harmful elements since plants are one of the most alkalizing things we can consume.

Animal Rights

An important part of being a vegan for many is all about respecting and protecting animal rights allowing them to live and be free as nature intended. Animals, like us, can experience emotions such as joy, sadness, boredom and so on and are as aware of the world as we are – they should be treated as equals.

Enjoy a healthier way of life

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Initially, you wanted to choose the vegan life to enhance your health and fitness but the chances are that your reason actually extends into several of the above categories, and should you choose to take action, you will make the world a better place for all of the above-listed benefits. It’s quite simply not a bad thing – in fact, the evidence proves there’s no way it can be!

Reduction or prevention of type 2 diabetes, obesity, & cancer

Since a vegan diet is low in fat content, eating vegan-friendly foods can actually help reduce cholesterol levels and have been proven to reduce or even prevent prostate and colon cancer.

Easy Vegan protein meal recipe! Overnight proats!

Want a sample of the vegan lifestyle? Try this simple yet delicious and nutritious over night oats recipe! Vegan of course!

  1. Add boiling water to a bowl of oatmeal with a touch of cinnamon
  2. Add a scope of choc or vanilla flavored vegan protein
  3. Pour mixture into a jar and add some frozen berries such as raspberries
  4. Seal the jar and it’s done! Keep in the fridge and it’s ready to enjoy the day after

Enjoy with a fresh banana for an extra kick

If you are a vegan or want to convert your nutrition plan to include more vegan elements speak to one of our personal trainers and do it the right way.

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