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Our in home personal trainer programs help shed body fat, lose weight, build strength and the best part is you never have to leave home!  Any age and fitness level are welcome. We also provide rehabilitation and injury prevention exercise plans to ensure optimal success.

Why hire a personal trainer?

Many of our clients tell us that despite their best intentions they still tend to put on weight or lack the knowledge to build strength. Every night they mean to get to the gym, but time after time they are just too tired after a long days work or they don’t feel motivated. Instead they head home and dive into a comforting bag of potato chips with a glass of wine on the coach while watching their favourite TV program to relax.

Having the will needed to get yourself to go to a gym and workout every night is not easy.  That is why a personal training in home in Vancouver can help you stay motivated and achieve results!

Our programs are designed to hold you accountable to your goals and all of trainers are 100% certified providing you with safe and enjoyable workout program. No equipment is necessary!

Below are the benefits of working with inhometrainer:

Vancouver Personal Trainer-In Home

  • Over 20,000 in home personal training sessions completed and counting

  • Meal Plans and nutrition plans to ensure success

  • No equipment is necessary

  • Personalized program cards with photo and video

  • Certified Vancouver Personal Trainer at your door

  • Full fitness assessments and nutrition counselling included

  • Secure Account Login to view your programs, measurements and more

  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer

  • Rehabilitation and injury management programs

  • Programs that are proven to shed body fat, increase flexibility and strengthen your body

We choose only the best and most qualified personal trainers to work with us. All of our trainers are 100% certified and also hold our additional in home trainer certification.

Our Vancouver personal trainer can provide in home personal training, condo personal training, office personal training, seniors fitness training, boot camps, kids personal training and more.

To get started quickly we recommend BOOKING A TASTER SESSION BELOW and you will be contacted shortly by a certified in home personal trainer in Vancouver.

In addition to Vancouver our trainers also serve these areas; Surrey, New Westminster, White Rock, Langley, Coquitlam, Burnaby and Maple Ridge


Our Vancouver In Home And Condo Trainers!


Adam is highly qualified in home personal trainer located in Vancouver and also does in home personal training in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Burnaby.

Fitness Philosophy/Mantra:

I love getting to know my clients, discovering their goals and finding ways to help them achieve their fitness aspirations.  I program workouts with longevity in mind, workouts that improve movement patterns, posture, strength and body composition.

Favourite body part to train:

Legs!  I always get a good sweat going when I work my lower body, it feels incredible and I am usually pooped after a complete lower body session.


Meeting new people, exploring the city I am in, drinking coffee at a small local café with a book in hand, playing guitar and singing

Fun fact:  

I’ve worked many years coaching exercise in a Cardiac Rehabilitation program, so chances are I’m the trainer for you if you have any metabolic diseases! I also specialize in weight loss programs, muscle building, flexibility and can help with your nutrition needs!

Fitness Certifications/Credentials/Accomplishments/

Bachelor of Human Kinetics, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Certified Exercise Physiologist®, American College of Sport Medicine Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Get Started now and contact Adam today !

Brandon. H

Hi! My name is Brandon. I have a Masters in Kinesiology from UBC, am a Registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists and am a Certified Personal Trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise physiology (CSEP-CPT). Beyond personal training, I am a very active person. I play lacrosse at the national level, and when I am not training I enjoy volleyball, basketball, golf, hiking, and cooking.

As an in home personal trainer, I tailor training programs to individuals’ needs by designing workouts to include strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility in line with every client’s goals. I am also able to assist in developing plans for nutrition and health habits such as managing work-related stress.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or train for a specific fitness goal, I would be happy to work with you! My goal is to help you reach your goals and make you the best, happiest, and healthiest version of you that you can be! I will work with you to develop a sustainable plan for long-term health and develop healthy habits through manageable steps towards your goals.

Contact me to get started today!


My name is Cheryl and I am a bilingual (English and Cantonese)

Registered Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK) and Certified Personal Trainer with the American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM).

As an exercise rehabilitation specialist, I focus on purposeful movements and exercises that build strength, cardiovascular endurance, and functional mobility.

Whether your goal is to rehab an existing injury, prevent new ones from occurring, or simply looking to increase general health and wellness, I am excited for the opportunity to work with you! I design each session based on your unique needs and goals. My goal is to give my clients the tools they need to maintain long-term health, so that they can continually see improvements and exceed even their own expectations.

Outside of personal training, my active lifestyle has facilitated a passion for all things health and well-being related.
In my spare time, you can find me exploring different hiking trails with my dog, riding my road bike, playing tennis, or doing my own in-home workouts.

Contact me to get started today!

Inhome Personal Trainer in

4548 Joyce St Vancouver
V5R 4E6

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