How to start online personal training

Thinking about moving your personal training online? Maybe you’re interested in only training people online? Whatever your reasons, online personal training is an excellent idea!

become an online personal trainer

Before you embark upon this journey there are a few things you need to really nail first. Remember, because you are online you are solely relying on this platform of communication and image. Want to get started? Here’s what you need to do…


Branding is everything! What do you want to call your business? Have you got an appealing name which will grab people’s attention? When you have invest in a good, reputable graphic designer and they will ensure your logo and branding materials look great. So now you have a front and name to your business, what’s the next step?

A GREAT Website

Firstly your online personal training business needs a front, an online presence in the form of a website. A website can reflect you as a trainer, your style, personality and what sets you apart from all the other trainers out there. Your site can list your services and prices too. Ensure it looks professional because this is all your potential clients have to go by in regards to who you are as a person.

Social media presence

Social media will become your biggest tool for attracting clientele to your personal training business. Your social media page needs to have all your branding on there and mirror your website. Ensure you have all your graphics made professionally – remember you are selling a produce and a service. Make and schedule posts to attract people, give useful tips and share transformation photos to get those leads!

Advertising & Marketing

Take advantage of Facebook and social media marketing, with most of the world being on social media it’s the best shot you have got at getting the people into your inbox and the $$ into your bank! Use location marketing and arrange competitions for shares and likes to spread the word far and wide.

Competitive pricing

Because you are online, you don’t have the overheads of running a studio or paying gym rent. Your prices should reflect this and be competitive, you want to get as many clients as you can and being online gives you access to the whole world! Think about offering packages in a variety of popular currencies.

Ready to open your online personal training business? There’s no time to waste!

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