Become a Personal Trainer

The benefits of obtaining a Personal Trainer Certification

You are probably reading this because you have thought about getting a personal trainer certification. You may have reached that point where making yourself fit is no longer enough because now you want to help other people reach their goals. Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding careers out there! You can […]

The best personal training jobs

Personal training is such a versatile career. As a qualified personal trainer, there’s no end to where your qualifications can take you. Arguably personal training is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You can spend your days transforming other people’s lives for the better, teaching them how to eat properly and exercise. What […]

Personal Trainer Education

To become a qualified personal trainer you have to undergo some pretty extensive training and learning in order to be able to train people effectively. A trainer has to help and assist a client with training, the correct form alongside superior knowledge of nutrition and eating. A trainer also needs to have extensive knowledge of […]

4 reasons why personal trainers should continue taking courses.

Personal Training Courses The importance of updating your knowledge and continuing to improve If you are a personal trainer, being a cut above the rest is what gives you an edge in an already, very competitive market. Not only that, having such skills allows you to transform the lives of others, every day on a […]

Career opportunities in personal fitness

When it comes to personal fitness and careers in this sector, the opportunities are varied, plentiful and extremely rewarding. Careers in personal fitness are very far removed from your average 9-5 desk job, no two days are the same and your actions can literally transform people’s lives. As a personal trainer, you are responsible for […]