how to become a personal trainer in canada?

Have you been considering a career in personal training? Or are you a personal trainer already and just enjoying the position so much you want a bit more positive reinforcement? In this post we are going to cover 4 amazing benefits of this super rewarding career.
Want to know why a personal training career could be one of the best things you ever do? Here’s why…
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Decide your own hours

Of course being a personal trainer can mean that you have early starts, split shifts and late finishes. Ultimately though, you are in charge of your own hours and destiny. How many clients do you want to take on? A lot or a few? You can work them around your lifestyle to ensure you are working the hours you want. You can wave goodbye to the sorry 9-5 working hours and enjoy days where you could meet your friends for lunch etc. or go get that haircut midday!

No 2 days are the same

Every client has different needs, goals and abilities when it comes to personal training. Because of these reasons it means that no 2 days are ever the same. Every day presents a new challenge a new workout and of course new socializing. Personal training is probably one of the rare few jobs in the world that can be considered dull or boring, because it really isn’t!

You have the best job in the world

Get personal training right and you have the best job in the world. Personal training means you are working in close proximity with a whole host of people and boy can people be inspiring. Watching people give it all they’ve got to their training and nutrition is motivating, fulfilling and extremely rewarding when it comes to job satisfaction? What’s better than making your dreams come true? Making other peoples dreams come true! As you spend more time with your clients you build working relationships and then get to spend your days training people you admire and love being around!

You make a difference

Personal training is so much more than a job, its a role where you are having a pivotal effect on someone’s life. You are changing the way they live, the way they look at food and the way they train. It’s an extremely important role and one which you must take seriously. Personal training can change your clients opinion on themselves completely. They can enjoy a new found confidence and appreciation for themselves, their mind-set and their bodies and all these things can transfer into their every day lives resulting in a happier person.
Personal training isn’t like any other job, it’s a rewarding and fulfilling career which can enrich your life and the those of the people you train.
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How to start a career as a personal trainer?

When it comes to personal fitness and careers in this sector, the opportunities are varied, plentiful and extremely rewarding. Careers in personal fitness are very far removed from your average 9-5 desk job, no two days are the same and your actions can literally transform people’s lives.

As a personal trainer, you are responsible for taking care of your client’s fitness program and nutrition plan as well as monitoring their progress regularly and making and necessary adjustments ensuring they meet their goals. So what career opportunities are there in personal fitness?

A personal trainer is often far more than a fitness coach; personal trainers are counselors, friends and therapists to their clients as they support them through their journeys. A career in personal fitness is limitless; you can work for yourself as self-employed or with/ for a gym or fitness establishment. Personal fitness can also provide opportunities on cruise ships and abroad, fitness is universal after all!

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest personal training jobs out there.

Whether you are looking to employ a personal trainer or you are a personal trainer here’s some food for thought…



1 Self-employed personal training from a gym

The most popular role for personal trainers is the ‘rent’ space in a gym and train their clients from there as a base. It provides excellent scope to tap into the gym’s member base and increases the number of people they can train and help. It can be very convenient for gym members to enjoy a personal training session in the gym they are comfortable in and great for the trainers to have access to a huge array of equipment.

2 Cruise Ships

Personal trainers are regularly employed on cruise ships. Cruise ships provide an excellent opportunity for personal trainers enabling them to see the world while transforming people’s lives. Working on ships can demand long working hours and obviously you will need to be away from home for long periods of time. The benefits far outweigh the negatives and it’s an incredible experience from start to finish.

3 Mobile Personal Training

Mobile personal training is on the rise and it allows people who can’t necessarily get to the gym, achieve their goals and benefit from the coaching from their trainer. Mobile personal training allows the trainer to work for him or herself and expand their client base to a whole area as opposed to just a gym or single place of work. Working hours can be very flexible and getting out and about can be very rewarding and fulfilling.

4 Employed personal trainer

There are many contracts offered by gyms and fitness facilities alike that offer personal trainers a contract of employment. This means that the PT has set hours and trains clients for this gym, it is safe and has a guaranteed salary at the end of every month. Some trainers consider this the perfect position as it’s pretty safe and eliminates a lot of worries. It also means the trainer can help additional clients out of their employed hours to increase their client base.

5. Online personal training

With technology progressing so much today, training has moved online which means trainers can access and help a huge range of clientele from all over the globe. Online personal training can also mean that those who would benefit greatly from having a personal trainer who can’t afford the travel or the time to meet up regularly can still achieve their goals and enjoy the support and tailored service from their trainer online.

6 Specialist in personal fitness

become personal fitness trainer

Many fitness instructors choose to specialize and get further qualifications so they can help a wider audience and take their career to the next level by working with practitioners, doctors, physio’s and health professionals alike. You can achieve exercise referral qualifications so you can work with clients referred to you via their doctors. Also, you can train to understand obesity and diabetes management more effectively, therefore, helping clients with more specific health conditions. Trainers can also gain further knowledge to help those with lower back pain and sporting injuries.

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To find out more about personal trainer jobs go tour career section.


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To become a qualified personal trainer you have to undergo some pretty extensive training and learning in order to be able to train people effectively. A trainer has to help and assist a client with training, the correct form alongside superior knowledge of nutrition and eating.

A trainer also needs to have extensive knowledge of the human anatomy and understand why the body and the muscular system behaves like it does.


So what exactly does a personal trainer learn during their education?

Anatomy & Physiology

The anatomy and physiology module covers the internal workings of the body. You enjoy an in-depth look at the way your body works and adapts to things. You will cover the muscular and skeletal system as well as the nervous systems and understand why and how the body adapts to exercise.

This is crucial as a trainer because you will have an apt understanding of your client’s individual needs and what they can and can’t do.

Specialist training techniques

Your personal training education will also delve into the world of specialist training techniques, especially where resistance training is concerned. You will learn about supersets, tri-sets, giant sets and negative reps to name but a few. All such techniques will enhance the training and its effectiveness for the client. You will be able to compose unique training plans, which are varied, structured and extremely effective.

Nutrition and the body

Nutrition is another huge module in your personal trainer education. It is probably the most difficult as you will dive deep into the world of food, how it works, and what it does in the body. You will learn about carbohydrates, proteins and fats and their biological structures. It’s this module, which really gives you that superior understanding of food, which you are able to pass onto clients.

Business planning

A huge part of personal trainer education is now a business planning section. This section which is provided by many course providers helps the trainer see the role from a business perspective and understand the role of marketing and planning etc. It’s a very beneficial module in understanding the business and if it’s a module, which isn’t on your course, do your own reading online or purchase a good book.

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Enhance your qualifications

After you have achieved your standard personal training qualifications there are so many ways which you can enhance your skillset and offer services to an even broader range of clientele. Some extra qualifications you can achieve are:


  • Pre & Postnatal care
  • Elderly populations
  • Diabetes management
  • Obesity & Weight Management
  • Sports massage
  • Nutrition
  • In Home Personal Training Specialist


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The benefits of obtaining a Personal Trainer Certification

Learn how to dominate the market with your marketing

Learn cutting edge marketing tips on how to dominate any market. Becoming a Home Personal Trainer will open so many doors, physically and metaphorically of course so it’s important to differentiate yourself as a brand. What makes you different? How do you promote yourself effectively? You will learn all the marketing tips you need to excel.

Be proudly recognized as a Certified Home Trainer

Start your own training business and become your own boss. Being a home trainer will really give you that edge in the fitness industry. People find it hard to get to the gym due to time commitments so having a trainer who will come to their house and train them effectively will be a huge positive.

You will be covered by the law

All the necessary Legal docs required to start your business are included in the comprehensive In Home Trainers course. There are many courses out there that don’t even touch on these subjects and arguably it’s the most important thing when setting up as a Home Trainer.

Sell, Sell, Sell

The art of becoming a successful Home Trainer is your ability to sell yourself. People will buy into your abilities and put your faith into what you can deliver. You can enjoy a wealth of tips, tricks and strategies to close large personal training packages and earn yourself a huge income. Earn a 6 figure + income doing what you love to do – what could be better than that?

Becoming a Home Trainer is one of the most rewarding careers out there. Get paid and earn an amazing salary for doing what you love!

Just make sure you do it properly!


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TOP 5 Cities to start an inhome trainer career:

  • Toronto
  • Calgary
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal
  • Edmonton




Bonus content: 4 reasons why personal trainers should continue taking courses:

The importance of updating your knowledge and continuing to improve

If you are a personal trainer, being a cut above the rest is what gives you an edge in an already, very competitive market. Not only that, having such skills allows you to transform the lives of others, every day on a permanent basis.

Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. You can affect every area of a person’s life; transform their bodies, their health and their way of thinking.

Having such an important role also warrants refreshing your knowledge. In a constantly evolving industry with so many health conditions and individual cases out there it’s important to keep updating your knowledge and continuing to improve.

Here’s why…

You can reach out to more clientele

If you are good at what you do, you will become highly recommended especially by word of mouth.

In the profession of personal training it’s important to be able to train and advise a whole host of people with different circumstances. You don’t want to have to turn any clients down because you haven’t got the right qualifications, despite probably possessing the knowledge already.

Increase your hourly rate

Investing in more knowledge will also allow you to charge a higher price – because you’ve earned it.

You are more skilled and have more knowledge than other trainers so the prices you charge should represent this. Know your worth and it will also fill your clients with confidence.


You have bigger competition than ever

With the rise of social media especially, competition has never been more intense for personal trainers. Social media, print and TV are all trying to educate people on the best ways to lose weight, gain muscle, and eat.

It’s so easy for people to become confused and turn themselves into ‘Google experts’.

What people really need is a personal trainer, one that is ahead of their game and confident enough to say what’s right and wrong. You need to be a voice of authority.

Going the extra mile to help special populations

If you want to ensure you are a cut above the rest, special populations courses are such a worthwhile investment. They usually include:

Exercise referral – This course enables you to take on clients directly from the doctors. Due to your skills a doctor will refer clients to you with specialist training needs. This opens you up to a whole new market.

Pre & Post Natal – This qualification allows you to offer specialist training for pre and postnatal women. It’s an excellent qualification to have because many women often have no idea what they can and cant do in regards to training in such conditions.

Elderly – Training the elderly is something which is often over looked. They are also a group, which require specialist knowledge and assistance when training so this will open you up to training a diverse range of people.

Diabetes & weight management – Because diabetes and weight gain are on the rise, it’s never been a better time to further your knowledge on these subjects.



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