Female Personal Trainer

Female Personal Trainer

No matter what your fitness goals are, working with a personal trainer is a great way to achieve them. Finding the right trainer can be tough, especially finding the right one for YOU. One of the decisions a lot people struggle with is whether to work with a male or female personal trainer. For some there’s no preference but as we’ve seen from the increase in demand for female trainers, more and more clients prefer working with a woman.

From a woman’s perspective, there are numerous reasons why you would rather exercise with a female personal trainer. For starters, they may just feel more comfortable overall. If you’re self-conscious about the current shape you’re in, your level of fitness, or even just how you look when you’re exercising, you might feel uncomfortable working with a male trainer which could hinder your results.

female personal trainer

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A female personal trainer will know a woman’s body better. All of our trainers are experts in the field, but another woman will have that natural female intuition and first-hand experience with many of the things that men never have to deal with. Maybe there are problem areas you’d like to target or other specific issues that occur only to women that you’re not comfortable discussing with a male trainer. If you’ve just had a child and are looking to lose that baby weight, a female trainer will better understand how childbirth not only affects your body physically but also emotionally. Check out our top exercises for legs and butt here:

Why choose a female personal trainer?female personal trainer

Many women feel that men can be much more aggressive, that they’ll push you beyond what you’re capable of. While this isn’t always the case and a good trainer will always push you to do more than you thought possible in order to get the results that you want, the perception can sometimes be that another female will have a softer, more encouraging approach.

A woman’s body is different so it’s only natural that some exercises will provide different results than those achieved by men. As a woman, you may feel more confident in working with a female trainer because chances are she’s using the same methods herself. You might even find inspiration in seeing that they’ve achieved the results you’re aiming for yourself. She will probably understand that desire to fit into that little black dress more so than a man would.

From the male’s perspective, men can be a lot more competitive, always looking to be the best. Working with another male trainer may not yield the same inspiring results but rather leave some feeling inadequate and unmotivated. Some might push too hard but avoid letting the trainer know for fear of appearing ‘weak’ which could potentially result in an injury. A female personal trainer can be less intimidating and make you feel more comfortable in stating that what you’re doing is too much.

For a man, working with a female trainer can help drive you to do your best and keep getting better. That overwhelming need to impress her can be a great motivator!

At Inhometrainer, we are all a team of dedicated professionals focused on meeting your specific needs. All of our personal trainers, male or female, are committed to helping you achieve all of your fitness goals.

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Why A Female Personal Trainer Can Be A Good Choice

A good female personal trainer is capable of holding her clients accountable. She can push them enough so that they achieve their fitness goals whilst still showing them the gentle encouragement and understanding that comes naturally to many women.

People feel they will be able to share their concerns and health issues with a female more easily as they embark on a new fitness regime. If it is a womanly issue, such as cellulite or a saggy bottom, they do not feel so embarrassed talking about it in the presence of another woman. Plus women can speak freely about the areas of their body they wish to tone up without feeling shy. Check out our top exercises for legs and butt here:

When training in your own home women especially may feel safer with another woman. Home is a personal space and often it feels more comfortable to allow a woman into your home to train you.

Here at Inhometrainer, we have plenty of excellent female personal trainers on our team. They are not pushovers though, rather they are highly skilled fitness professionals who take their dedication to their clients very seriously and will motivate and encourage you to hit your fitness targets.

If you have been looking for a personal trainer, and the idea of a female personal trainer appeals to you, then request a call back using the form opposite for a chat with one of our friendly staff.

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