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With more than 20,000 sessions completed we know how to design the best in-home workouts that get results.

  • Programs to shed fat, build muscle and improve mobility

  • Live virtual and online training programs

  • Custom program and accountability to stay on track with your trainer

  • No equipment is necessary

  • Meal plans included

  • Train at your home, condo or outdoors

  • Any age welcome

  • Programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced

 Online Personal Trainer…A Message From The CEO


in home personal trainer Mike


My name is Mike Tangreda and I am the founder and creator of ihtussite.wpengine.com

As a certified personal trainer for more than 20 years I understand how to exercise safely and effectively at home.

Together with my amazing team we have completed more than 20,0000 in-home training sessions and we want to help you SHED body FAT, build MUSCLE and become stronger all from the comfort of your home!

And now is your chance to exclusively work with me and my team through our live virtual online programs.

No Equipment is necessary.

However if you have weights, or additional equipment we will customize your program so it’s perfectly tailored for you.

Just choose your option below to get started TODAY!



1.Your Custom In Home Workout Plan In The Palm Of Your Hand.

Are you looking to shed body fat, build muscle or just want to improve your general fitness?   Your program can be easily printed or viewed on your smart phone with easy to follow videos and photo demonstrations to ensure you do it safely and effectively.

Begin Your Transformation Now!

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Meal Plans To Shed Fat And Build Muscle


2. Your Detailed Nutrition Plan.

Our meal plans are calculated precisely based on your current weight, age and goal you would like to achieve.  Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, yet there is so much mis-information out there. We tailor your meal plan to give you the exact amount of calories, protein, fats and carbohydrates required daily to burn body fat or build muscle.


type of meal plan given by an online personal trainer


3. Cost Effective.

Online Personal Training at home is a new and exciting way for me and my team to offer you what you need, without the limitations and expenses of the gym. This solution is a more cost and effective way than in-home personal training.

4. Join Our Community.

You will receive private access to our facebook group where you will receive fat burning, and muscle building tips to speed up your results and connect with others who are transforming their bodies at home.

5. At Home, Condo Or At Outdoors.

Take you workout with you wherever you go in the palm of your hand.  Our app allows you to view your programs in real time, record progress and check in with your personal trainer weekly. Our in home programs use mostly body weight and focus on full body functional workouts.  If you have equipment and want us to customize the program around your equipment we can do that as well.

6. Excellent Support.

Not only are online personal training prices affordable they also have a benefit most people overlook.  With support, my team and I can answer any questions you may have regarding diet or exercise.  You can also meet regularly online with your personal trainer as they hold you accountable to all of your goals!

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Looking for an online personal trainer

You are very likely reading this because you are looking for an online personal trainer. The Internet can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to finding the right trainer. Again finding a trainer online is like finding a designer bag, is it going to be genuine or a fake? We are going to shed some light on the best ways to go about it. Are you ready? Lets get to it…

an image of a man doing personal training a woman training

You have the whole world

Ok so when you head to Google it will usually search via your local area so you are likely to find trainers, which are somewhat in your immediate vicinity. The good news is that with searching online you do have access to the whole world! You can find critically acclaimed trainers from all over the globe! The right one is out there for you!

What are his/her credentials?
What is your goal and what do you want from your trainer? Is your goal to add muscle mass or is your goal an extreme weight loss transformation? Ensure your trainer displays visual results of previous clients achievements and is qualified in the areas you need to benefit from. Check out the skills and qualifications and ensure they are right for you.

Dig a little deeper and test the waters
Speak to a few different online personal trainers. Allow them to answer your questions and don’t be afraid to ask exactly what you need to! Find out what they are like and how they interact with you. Are they quick with their responses or are they taking days to reply. All of these things matter.

Look for a solid online presence
Ensure your trainer has a good reputation. You can find proof of this via client testimonials, social media reviews, page likes etc. Also it should be expected that your trainer has a professional look to their online front, be it a polished website alongside a polished social media image. Professionalism is everything in look and behavior.

Before you start looking for your personal trainer ensure you have these questions written down and ensure the potential trainer can answer them all for you:

• What are your coaching specialisations? (Strength training, cardio and weight loss, etc.)

• What training have you done? What skills do you have? What nationally recognised qualifications do you have?

• How do you keep up to date with the latest coaching techniques? Are you still studying the latest techniques?

• What kind of clients do you usually work with? What are your results usually like? (ensure you can see proof)

Ready to start?

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If you have any question, feel free to contact us.

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