Kids Personal Training

Have you ever thought about kids personal training for your children?


kids personal training

kids personal training


Some parents immediately dismiss the idea as unnecessary, however with the rates of childhood obesity climbing steadily in Canada is it really such a silly idea?

Why Kids Personal Training Makes Sense In Todays Society

We all know that our kids are getting less and less active, and this combined with the junk foods that they love to eat, presents a significant health threat to our children.

Statistics from the American Obesity Association show that 15% of children in the States aged 6 to 18 are obese and a further 30% are overweight. Canada is not far behind America with 1 in 3 children being categorized as overweight or obese.

Lord Sebastian Coe, the 2012 Olympics organizer, referred to this generation as “the least active generation in history!” (source:

In today’s society children spend more time than ever sitting in front of the TV, playing computer games or messing about on their smartphones. Compare this to just a few decades ago when children spent the majority of their time playing outside, running and being active, and it is no wonder that there is a threat to the health of our children today.

Some Reasons Why Your Child May Benefit From Kids Personal Training

Children gain confidence in themselves and a sense of achievement as they see their fitness levels improve. If your child does have any puppy fat, which they subsequently lose through personal training, the chances of them being teased or bullied by other children is reduced.

Overweight children are more likely to become overweight and obese adults. This increases their risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some cancers. Not to mention the impact it can have on their self esteem. This in turn can have a negative effect on everything from their romantic life to their career. It doesn’t give them the best start in life!

Regular exercise boosts serotonin. This in turn improves mood and can even help your children to concentrate at school.

By far the most important benefit with kids personal training though, apart from increased fitness, is that it’s fun and your children can enjoy it! The Trainer will motivate them and praise them as they do well. It can be a very rewarding and character building experience.

Kids Personal Training Can Present A Convenient Solution To Busy Parents

In today’s modern world many parents are juggling a number of responsibilities including work, the home and the kids! Time can be a real issue. With children’s personal training you don’t have to carve out time in your schedule to take them to the park or to play sport. You don’t have to exercise with them. In fact you can use that hour when they are with the Trainer to catch up on some chores, run some errands or even have a spot of ‘me time’!

Is Kids Personal Training Right For Your Children?

Often kids can be awkward and feel embarrassed or self conscious when exercising among groups of other children. This is especially true if your child is overweight. They may make excuses to get out of exercising at school. With a Personal Trainer the Trainer works with your child, or children, individually. Your children get full attention and the workout can be tailored especially to suit your little one’s needs.

Our Kids personal training programs are fun, safe and promote body awareness through carefully selected exercises that uses the child’s body weight as opposed to machines and weights.  This often leads to healthier, happier and more confident kids.

What Kids Personal Training Program includes:

  • Nutrition tips for kids
  • Shed body fat
  • Increase strength
  • Build body awareness

To find out more about kids personal training at home in your area contact us now for a friendly chat.


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