How much does a personal trainer cost?

Personal training cost

Personal training costs vary massively; in fact, they vary about as much as the skill sets of personal trainers themselves and the individual niches they represent. It’s a good thing really that you have a choice between paying $120+ per session in some cases, or as little as $30 in others as it makes personal training accessible to everyday folk.

If you take away just one point from this article today though, it should be this; cost doesn’t always represent quality. Personally, if I was told a personal training session was going to cost me $20 – $30 then, well – I’d immediately assume several things. One, the person in question was desperate for business, two, they lacked experience as a personal trainer, and three, they just weren’t of a high enough caliber (it might even be as simple as them not possessing a high level of self-confidence! but that doesn’t bode well for you either…). That probably sounds incredibly harsh, but you’d be surprised how accurate that description is in the real when correlating cost with quality on the personal training scene!

Not only that, but say this description is proved to be totally inaccurate; it’s simply not a sustainable price tag. At that cost bracket, you can guarantee that a very good personal trainer would soon become over encumbered and inevitably need to increase their price within a short space of time, thus shooting out of your reach. Either that or their personal accountability towards your goals would at the very least probably not take the highest priority in their life at any given time. They simply wouldn’t be making enough for their expertise, whether they realized that initially or not – but they certainly would after a very short space of time.


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Benefits of having a personal trainer

personal trainer cost


A good personal trainer will change your life completely. That’s a fact; there’s literally no aspect of your health they can’t improve be it mental, physical or spiritual. What you’re essentially doing when you hire a trainer is asking them to spearhead the development towards, and subsequent attainment of quite possibly the most important goal or set of goals you’ve ever strived towards. Without trying to toot their trumpet too much (we’re being as unbiased but fair as possible!), that’s a BIG ask. Not only that, but it requires an incredibly high level of expertise, scientific and biological knowledge, and insight – the kind of insight that only comes with years of experience in a lot of cases (some guys and girls already innately have it due to previous fields of work or backgrounds, but that’s rare!)


Why it’s worth it

Ask yourself this question; How much would YOU pay to attain the appearance, fitness level, or level of health your heart well and truly desires? In most cases, if the goal is genuine and it really is what you want deep down, the response to that question will often be along the lines of “Anything. Anything at all”. A personal trainer, no matter how expensive they are, will cost an absolute fraction of the quoted price in almost every case. That’s why it’s worth it – provided you’ve checked into their qualifications, made sure they have examples of others they’ve transformed and are going to take you towards your goal attainment naturally and safely, then the cost really is entirely fair. You could just spend the money on a holiday or enormous television as many do, but for the same price, you could also change everything about your existence in a positive way. There’s really no comparison between the choices!

When talking price, anywhere in the middle bracket or above is usually going to guarantee you a good trainer provided you’ve checked into the aforementioned elements – you never want them to be too cheap, but equally it’s understandable that you won’t want to pay more than you have to as well!

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