Weight loss for kids: 4 reasons your children are overweight

In this day and age marketing is everywhere and the scary thing is a lot of it directly aims for kids! Yup, the TV commercials of family’s enjoying sugary treats and chocolates and the cute toys kids can discover at the bottom of their cereal box are just a few examples. It’s no wonder in this day and age children are become obese and are struggling with weight issues like never before.
What are the main reasons your kids are overweight and what can you do to help counteract this?
1. Bad breakfasts
Kids breakfasts are made from the stuff of nightmares! Kids are fed a diet of high GI carbohydrates such as sugar-laden cereal, white breads and fructose filled sauces and snacks. By eating these sorts of breakfasts your kids won’t stay full for very long at all! These foods lead to an initial sugar spike then wear off leaving your child wanting more food very shortly after. Provide a fulfilling healthy breakfast like oats, topped with some nuts and seeds for a healthy and slow releasing breakfast that will keep them fuller for longer.
2.Lack of interest or exposure to exercise and sport
Modern technology means that kids are staying in. The main reasons for this being that they are glued to their phones, tablets and games consoles. Their social lives have become digital to an extent so it is super important you take control of this and ensure they engage in sport. See what local fitness or sports clubs there is your child may be interested in and encourage involvement. Schools also offer lots of extra-curricular activities for them to enjoy.
3.Lack of guidance: Work with a personal trainer
Often a child can be obese if the parents are. This is mainly due to a lack of knowledge not care. Children are fully reliant on their parents help and what’s given to them. If you feel like you are clueless then working with a fitness professional can help out lots. A personal trainer can help to plan fitness sessions and bring the weight down with advice and nutrition guidance. Working with a PT can change both yours and your child’s life for the better and might just be the push you need.
4. Your kitchen
What sort of foods are you buying in and filling your cupboards with? If you are filling your shelves with processed foods and your child is constantly reaching for these to snack on then the pounds will pile on. Ensure healthy and nutritious foods are on tap. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are all great snacking choices. Your child will pick up on these healthy eating habits and take them through to their later years.
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Weight loss for kids doesn’t have to be an uphill struggle by any means. The right education, the right help if needed by a professional and clean up your own eating habits will lead to happier healthier kids! Not forgetting exercise. This is extremely important to make sure your child can enjoy a sporting activity.
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