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Workout plans should be an essential part of your week when it comes to fitness. Have you ever had a workout plan before? An ideal workout plan is one which is totally tailored to you and your goals. It may be weight loss, muscle gain or toning up, whatever your goal you need to ensure your fitness training is tailored around this.
If you have never had a workout plan before have a read below to as why it could be one of the best things you will do for your health and fitness.
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How long have you got?
There are so many different types of workout plans you can indulge in. Have you got a short, medium or long-term fitness goal? Depending on your goal you may want to follow a 4 week, 8 week or 12-week plan to name but a few. Your timescale is important when devising a workout plan with your trainer. Having a time frame will allow your trainer to tailor a plan which will keep you progressing towards your goals effectively. Regular reviews are also a good idea to check progress and to ensure everything on the plan is working as it should for you.
Plan to succeed
If you have a workout plan when you are hitting the gym or your home training session it will ensure what you are doing is planned and effective. Trying to do a workout off the top of your head can mean you lack the motivation to continue and it may not be effective enough for you to reach your goals. If you are armed with your routine and ready to go you are much more likely to succeed and complete a session which is long enough to be effective.
Training splits
A workout plan will allow you to train certain parts of your body on certain days. Some days you could follow your lower body plan, some days you can follow your upper body plan. Other options may include a full body day, cardio based, plyometrics or even resistance bands. The beauty of workout plans is that they can be totally tailored to your goals, want to sculpt your legs? Tone your midsection? Your workout plans can do all this for you, it’s all about training smart.
Pair it with the nutrition
Any good and effective workout plan will come with some nutrition guidelines. If you are working with a personal trainer this is something they can do for you. If you are busting your butt in the gym and training hard then you will want to see results. It is imperative that you nail your nutrition. Are you eating clean healthy choices and keeping your protein intake high? Are you keeping well hydrated and ensuring you are getting enough recovery in-between training days? To get the most out of your workout plan you will need to cover these points too.
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Have you been flatlining with your fitness venture? Do you feel as though you have no direction with your training? If so maybe the time has come to add some structure to your life and indulge in a tailored, effective workout plan from a personal trainer. How much do you want to succeed?
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