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The huge misconception of personal trainer workouts is that they are super hard. Many people look over at PTS and just think, ‘no way’! You are probably used to seeing people sweat it out with a personal trainer but what you might not realize is that their session is totally unique to them. The trainer has devised the session totally around the individual and their capabilities and boundaries.
Want to dwelve further into the world of personal trainer workouts? Lets shed a bit more light on it and hopefully its something you might consider yourself!
 personal trainer workouts
Bespoke to you
When you train with a personal trainer the workout will be completely bespoke to you. Your trainer will take the time to plan something that you can undertake safely which is of benefit to your goals. The problem is when you are training alone is that unless you’re a professional you might not know what is actually best for you and your body. So many people go to the gym with the same workout every time they train. Doing something is better than nothing of course but your body requires change in order to keep progressing. You have to push yourself or be pushed.
1 size doesn’t fit all
The problem with the workouts you find online and the classes at the local gym is that they aren’t specifically designed for you. How do you know if its designed for your goals? Your goals my include weight loss, muscle building, weight gain or getting shredded. With every different goal should come a different way of training. Doing lots of cardio based workouts won’t help someone who wants to gain muscle and weight, and doing heavy strength training won’t be the answer for someone who might just want to shed some extra pounds.
Your health matters
Workouts can be very demanding on the body, especially if they are tailored to your goals. Your personal trainer workout should be tailored around your current levels of health. You might be a newbie to fitness, or had a few years off in which case you will need to progress the intensity of your workouts over time, your personal trainer will be able to do this for you. Equally, if you are already very physically fit your trainer can push your harder in order to achieve your goals effectively.
 Placing your trust in a personal trainer can be a little nerve-wracking but the right ones can transform your body and way of thinking about exercise forever. Don’t fear a personal trainer workout – it might end up being the best thing you ever do!
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