Fitness Plans at Home

Did you know your living space actually presents everything you need in order to carry out fitness plans at home? Also if you are willing to grab a few cheap and cost-effective extras then you really are in luck!

Here we have devised some seriously fat-blasting, body toning workouts that will sculpt you from head to toe and challenge you in ways you didn’t realize was possible!

fitness plans at home

Print these workouts off and make your home your fitness mecca!

20-minute home full body workout!

Set your timer and go through this gruelling, fat burning bodyweight circuit as many times as you can.

  • Up & down the stairs 5 times
  • 50 bodyweight squats
  • 20 push-ups
  • 1-minute plank
  • 60 bicycle crunches
  • Up & down the stairs 5 times
  • 50 lunges
  • 20 push-ups
  • 1-minute plank
  • 20 chair dips (tricep)
  • 60 bicycle crunches
  • 50 bodyweight sumo squats
  • 20 burpees
  • 1-minute plank
  • Up & down the stairs 5 times
  • 50 bodyweight squats


Plyometrics total body workout

Plyometrics are designed to get your heart rate up FAST and burn through some serious body fat! Complete all 4 sets and rest for 1-minute repeat 2 more times so you’ve done it 3 times.


Set 1

20 Wide leg squats

20 Mountain climbers

20 15 box jumps

10 Tuck jumps


Set 2

45-second wall sit

20 Burpees

20 Dumbbell curls

15 squat jumps


Set 3

15 1 legged squats (each leg)

60 high knees

10 clap push-ups

15 wide leg jump squats


Set 4

20 jump knee tucks

20 burpees

10 chair dips

15 double unders


dumbells exercice fitness

Dangerous dumbbells

For this full body workout, you will need to invest in a pair or dumbbells. 2kg or 3kg is usually a great starting point. You can sculpt your whole body with 1 pair

of dumbbells with this workout. Give it a try!

Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise then enjoy 30 seconds rest and complete a total of 3 sets for each exercise.

Bent over rows

Shoulder press

Lat raises

Bicep curls

Triceps kickbacks

Chest fly on stability ball

Walking lunges

Squat with bicep press

The above workouts you can do easily in the comfort of your own home. Ideally, if you can invest in a pair of dumbbells and a yoga ball. There’s no end to what you can achieve and complete with those 2 small and cheap bits of equipment.

There are no excuses with these fitness plans at home! Invite a friend around and train together!

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