Bridal Personal Training

bridal personal training

Personal Training for Wedding Day


The big day is coming and you want to look your best! Have you considered ‘Bridal Personal Training?’

After all this is an important day and all eyes are going to be on you, the bride. For most women looking good on their wedding day is vitally important, and the shape of your body is a big factor. Personal Training can help you with this.

Bridal Personal Training Helps With Fitting In The Dress!

You are painfully aware that your wedding dress will look better if you are slim / toned and that you are not quite the shape you desire to be just yet! For some brides they may even find that perfect dress, however it is a little too small. It can be frustrating. Rather than pay a hefty sum to get the dress altered, many women choose to take it as an opportunity to lose some weight.

It’s common for women to have a goal of losing weight before their wedding, but often they may neglect the other side of the equation which is toning up. Flabby bits don’t look good either, and white is not the most forgiving colour, so toning up is really important too.

Why Have Bridal Personal Training?

Bridal Personal Training can help you to shape up for the big day, taking into account your personal goals and your individual body shape. So if you desire to tone up your arms, or lose belly fat for example, then your workout will be tailored especially to make sure you hit these specific targets.

One of the main advantages of bridal personal training over simply visiting the gym is the ability to get a tailored, personalized fitness plan. Your Personal Trainer can help you set realistic weight loss goals, and prescribe specific exercises for toning those problem areas. He or she can even suggest which exercises to do to tone the areas that will be on display with your individual dress!

Evidence shows that women are more likely to stick at it when they work with a Personal Trainer, and especially so with bridal personal training. When you have a gym membership it’s all too easy to blow off your workout for a night in front of the TV after a long day. The trouble with this is that the time keeps ticking by and before you know it, it’s too late to lose the weight in time for your wedding!

However with bridal personal training you will schedule in your sessions with your Trainer and you are more likely to keep them. Plus with Personal Training you will be given a workout schedule to follow between sessions, and your Trainer can even give you some tips and advice on what to eat to slim down.

You only get one big day, so why not invest in some Personal Training to make sure that you are looking and feeling your best on the day.

When you train with us you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home as we come to you, so it’s super convenient. It will save you time that you would have spent going out to the gym, and that time can be spent organizing your wedding!

Book a Taster session with one of our friendly in-home personal trainers to discuss your personalized Bridal Personal Training package today.

The 30 minute Bridal workout!

1 minute-squats

1 minute-skip rope

1 minute- mountain climbers

1 minute-lunges

1 minute planks

1 minute-burpees

1 minute-side planks (alternate each side at 30 sec)

1 minute-skip rope

1 minute-plank to push ups

1 minute-jump squats

Rest and repeat as necessary!


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