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3 Workouts for Women

Want to stay fit and healthy but can’t find the time to go for a morning jog? One may dread the thought of exercising especially if you are a soccer mom, career woman or perhaps juggling both. Rest assured, there are plenty of workouts for women you can try at home. Use these simple exercises […]


5 Weight Loss Tips

Was losing weight a part of your New Year’s resolutions? While there are several ways to lose weight quickly, most of them involve opting for unhealthy crash diets or weight loss pills. Rest assured, there are plenty of healthy ways to shed a few pounds. Here are a few effective weight loss tips you should […]


5 reasons to choose personal training

Reasons to Opt for Personal Training: If you have been exercising for weeks and still haven’t been able to achieve your weight loss goals, hiring a personal trainer may be a good idea. Working with a personal trainer can help you push your fitness goals to the next level. They not only serve as a […]


4 Fitness Training Tips

Top Fitness and Health Tips to Stay in Shape Fitness and health are probably among the most important aspects of your life. Staying fit improves the quality of your life and keeps you in shape. Staying healthy gives you more energy to perform everyday tasks at home or at work. This makes it more likely […]


Career opportunities in personal fitness

When it comes to personal fitness and careers in this sector, the opportunities are varied, plentiful and extremely rewarding. Careers in personal fitness are very far removed from your average 9-5 desk job, no two days are the same and your actions can literally transform people’s lives. As a personal trainer, you are responsible for […]


How much does a personal trainer cost?

Personal training cost Personal training costs vary massively; in fact, they vary about as much as the skill sets of personal trainers themselves and the individual niches they represent. It’s a good thing really that you have a choice between paying $120+ per session in some cases, or as little as $30 in others as […]


What’s so good about personal trainers?

Personal trainers are put by some on the same level as Hollywood stars and F1 racers – they’re regarded as having one of the “coolest” jobs in the world. Is this image an ideal or does it mirror real life in any way at all? How close is the vision to the reality? Well… As […]


understanding macro nutrients

It’s often said that 80% of the battle in body transformation is done in the kitchen. While a good exercise program is important, proper eating is absolutely essential to reaching one’s fitness goals. Therefore, if personal trainers want to optimize their client’s results they need to understand the fundamentals of nutrition. Macro and micronutrients are two of the key building blocks […]