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Fitness Plans at Home

Did you know your living space actually presents everything you need in order to carry out fitness plans at home? Also if you are willing to grab a few cheap and cost-effective extras then you really are in luck! Here we have devised some seriously fat-blasting, body toning workouts that will sculpt you from head […]


Online Fitness Coaches’ and why YOU need one

Quite frankly, online coaching is the future. Personal training has exploded in recent years and has developed even more so online enabling people to access the best trainers all over the globe! You are no longer limited to your local gym’s PT, you literally have the whole world to choose from! So what exactly is […]


5 ways to lose weight with the help of a weight-loss trainer

There are so many crazy fad diets out there, methods of shedding the pounds fast and crazy eating plans. All of these methods are crash diets and none of them teach you how to eat properly and educate yourself so you can make long-term, sustainable changes. The best thing you can do if you really […]


Condo lifestyle and fitness training

Living in a condo doesn’t mean that you cant dedicate yourself fully to your fitness journey. Of course, it means that you will have to adapt a little bit more and make use of what you have available to you. Living in a condo can actually open you up to a whole new world of possibilities. […]


Affordable personal trainer online

Personal training can benefit everyone’s lifestyle. Having that accountability and that support structure is a wonderful thing. Personal training can change your life you can meet all your fitness goals be it weight loss, flexibility, rehabilitation and muscle building to name but a few! What if your life is just too busy that you can’t […]


Personal Trainer for Back Pain

Back pain can cause serious problems. Its inhibiting and if it’s not treated correctly can continue to get worse and affect your daily life. Working with a personal trainer can be the turning point for you. A qualified PT can help to show you the way and apply specialist knowledge needed to help you recover […]


Personal Trainer for Muscle Gain

Are you looking to gain some new muscle? Working with a personal trainer in order to reach your goal of building new muscle is the best thing you can do to achieve this goal. In order to gain some serious muscle mass you have to be prepared to say goodbye to the abs and muscle […]


Exercises with portable tubing and body bands

Portable tubing and body bands (or resistance bands) are excellent for completing a whole host of home workouts! You can target every body part with these excellent exercise accessories with the right know-how! Of course lifting heavy weights in the gym is great, but you can also benefit from mixing things up a little with […]