Fitness Coach: A Complete Guide

Here, at Inhome Trainer, we’ve got many years of experience as fitness coaches. We thought maybe you might enjoy an article that sums up what you want to know about fitness coaching. So here it is. 3 reasons why Fitness is good for you! Improved health  Fitness helps to improve your cardiovascular function, keeps your […]

Get Fit At Home: 6 Tips To Build Your Ultimate Garage Gym

Between exorbitant gym subscriptions and costly equipment, it increasingly appears to be that exercise, which is a necessity, is turning into a type of privilege. There is also the strain to make any garage gym as extravagant and far-reaching as those commercial gyms that require a membership. However, if you’re willing to acknowledge a few […]

Effective Workouts To Burn Fat At Home

Today more than ever many people are opting to work out from home instead of the gym. Well there are those who can do well with fitness videos but this does not mean that you cannot take care of yourself. The gym is a good place but unfortunately the activities are not custom made. You […]

Bodyweight back exercises

5 simple back bodyweight exercises for you! Do you want to build a big strong back without the need for any fancy gym equipment? Let’s face it, gym memberships can be pricey and more than often, with the right know-how you can achieve a killer workout from the comfort of your own home. In this […]

Bodyweight Chest Exercises to build a functional POWERFUL chest

The 4 simple chest bodyweight exercises you need! The Workout  Push-ups 3 sets of 10 Diamond Push ups 3 sets of 10 Chest Dips 3 sets of 10 Atlas push ups 3 sets of 6 Building a strong chest is very important in balancing the whole physique. Often if your chest is weak your shoulders will become […]