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How to add to your workout: workout finishers

You’re not done yet: Workout finishers. There’s nothing like the feeling at the end of a workout; tired but elated, dripping with sweat, full of satisfaction and the healthy, well-earned appetite of someone about to really enjoy a post-workout meal! But what if you could make this even better? Enter the workout finisher! A finisher […]


Personal training with knee pain

Your knee is one of the most frequently used joints in the body. While popping painkillers and getting plenty of rest may provide you temporary relief from knee pain, it is best to opt for physiotherapy for the knee. These sessions are primarily useful for people who suffer from knee osteoarthritis or from an injury. […]


personal training and dealing with shoulder pain

The shoulder is among the most mobile joints in the body and offers a wide range of movement. While relaxing and taking painkillers may provide temporary relief, physiotherapy is the most effective form of healing. Physiotherapy offers a wide range of treatments that help manage pain and improve flexibility. This allows patients to get back to […]


Our Top 4 Core Exercises For A Flat Stomach

The core and stomach is the area which most men and women alike want to tone and strengthen. But why and what is it? The core of the body is broadly considered to be the torso. Functional movements are highly dependent on this part of the body. Abs tend to be the favourite part of the […]


Corporate Wellness with Personal Training

There are many reasons to consider corporate personal training. Today more and more companies are turning to corporate personal training and wellness programs for their employees in order to help them stay healthy and well. This in turn, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism. In 2011 Sunlife calculated that 9.3 days per employee were lost on average through […]


In Home Training Pro tips

What is the point of spending hours at the gym if it is not having a positive impact on your health and fitness? Your workouts must be designed to help you get leaner, fitter and stronger in a short span of time. Rest assured, it is possible to get amazing results from a super-effective workout […]


3 Workouts for Women

Want to stay fit and healthy but can’t find the time to go for a morning jog? One may dread the thought of exercising especially if you are a soccer mom, career woman or perhaps juggling both. Rest assured, there are plenty of workouts for women you can try at home. Use these simple exercises […]


5 Weight Loss Tips

Was losing weight a part of your New Year’s resolutions? While there are several ways to lose weight quickly, most of them involve opting for unhealthy crash diets or weight loss pills. Rest assured, there are plenty of healthy ways to shed a few pounds. Here are a few effective weight loss tips you should […]