What is online personal training?

Online personal training is becoming very popular in recent years. As we move most of our lives online to digital platforms getting an online personal trainer has never been so convenient.

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As a trainer or client, you may want to know what all the hype is about! So, let’s get to the bottom of what online personal training really is…

What exactly is online personal training?

Normally personal training is done in a gym environment, or the home environment training clients one on one and the rest of their time writing programs and adjusting them to meet the client’s needs.

Personal training online is done a little differently. It allows you to provide your clients with programs, guidelines, videos and many other resources while leaving them in the driver’s seat to succeed. On a weekly basis a successful Personal Trainer may train between ten to thirty clients in a week where online personal training can allow you to look after over one hundred clients every week! Weekly check-ins are done via photos and measurements – great for tracking progress.

Why should I consider online personal training?

Personal training is considered a premier service and a luxury for some clients which means that not everyone can afford it. The great news is that instead of charging top-dollar rates for your online clients, you can instead charge them a nominal monthly fee. Now those who may have trouble affording $150+ a week for personal training could much more easily afford that over the course of a month. After all, many pay that just for a phone plan. Online personal training is very cost effective.

It’s more effective and intimate than you think…

Online personal training opens up the channels of constant communication via email and phone calls – a client can access their trainer anytime, anywhere.

The effectiveness relies a lot on how motivated the client is to achieve his or her goals—and that would still be a factor when working with the client in a gym-based environment. Online training can have some extra positive effects on motivation because the trainer is always just an email away for support and will regularly check in with clients or drop them a line with a motivating thought or quote for their day!

How do you go about online personal training?

As a personal trainer, you will need to build yourself a strong online presence first. A website and social media profiles are extremely important to get right. Most of your marketing will be done via these channels. You will need to share your pages and invest in some online advertising.

As a client looking for an online personal trainer it is very important to see results and professional images. A trainer needs to show his/her work accurately and demonstrate what can be done clearly. Free consultations and quotations are a must.

Online personal training can be done from anywhere in the world. It allows trainers to take on and reach out to a global client base and it allows clients to reach further afield than their current town/city to find the perfect trainer for them. Its time effective and cost-effective and can be done at your own convenience.

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