Corporate Wellness with Personal Training

There are many reasons to consider corporate personal training.

Today more and more companies are turning to corporate personal training and wellness programs for their employees in order to help them stay healthy and well. This in turn, increases productivity and reduces absenteeism.

In 2011 Sunlife calculated that 9.3 days per employee were lost on average through sickness leave in Canada (See the source here). Now employers are looking for solutions to address this issue and corporate personal training is proving to be an effective measure.

It is a well-known fact that regular exercise, combined with a healthy diet, helps people to remain well and fight off disease. It makes sense then that employers would look to bring in Personal Trainers who will encourage their staff to exercise regularly, provide a program to do so, as well as advise and support them to eat well.

Main Benefits of Corporate Personal Training

  • Improves employees’ health.
  • Reduces staff sickness.
  • Reduces / manages stress.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Reduces the cost to the company of paying for sickness absence and long-term employee sickness benefits.
  • Increases productivity of the workforce.
  • Improves staff mood, attitudes, and outlook.
  • Promotes wellness and increases energy amongst individuals.
  • Promotes bonding and teamwork (when training together in small groups).
  • Improved quality of life.
  • Improved moral and motivation for work.
  • An added perk that can attract the right people to work for you.
  • Increased staff retention.

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More and More Employers Are Buying Into Corporate Personal Training

Throughout history, it has always been left up to the individual to stay fit and healthy. Health and wellness have been a personal responsibility. However, all too often people do not look after their health properly and get sick as a result. This costs employers in Canada billions of pounds in lost revenue each year.

The modern day pressures faced by many people working in corporate Canada today means that they do not keep fit and well. Add to that most corporate employees are working longer hours than ever before, and it’s no surprise that there is a problem.

Lack of time is often cited as the number one reason why people don’t exercise regularly, with tiredness / lack of motivation being the second.

Many workers have good intentions, however, after a long day on the job those intentions fly out the window. People are opting to slouch in front of the TV with a beer or glass of wine instead of hitting the gym. This is evidenced by the fact that so many ‘paid for’ gym memberships go unused.

Some companies and corporations took steps to address this issue by installing gyms into their office buildings, and, although this helped, it still isn’t enough to solve the problem.


Why Corporate Personal Training Is the Gold Standard In Improving Employee Health 

It is one of the basic principles of human psychology that people will do things for two primary reasons – to get out of pain or to get more pleasure.

Most people want to be healthier, slimmer and more toned (the pleasure) however, there are barriers standing in the way of taking the actions that would get them there (the pain). Barriers like self-motivation, thinking long term, overcoming tiredness and taking the time to workout.

Remove some of these barriers and you make it far easier for people to say yes. Human behaviour change dictates that people are much more likely to do something when it’s easy for them. When you bring a Personal Trainer into the office you make it incredibly easy for your employees to stay healthy.

When it’s that easy it will be a no-brainer for most of your workforce!


How We Can Help You With Corporate Wellness

We have a team of highly skilled corporate Personal Trainers who can come to your office in order to work with your employees on a regular basis. We have several years experience of providing Personal Training in the workplace, getting results for both the employer and employees alike.

All of our Personal Trainers are qualified and experienced. They will inspire and motivate your employees to work out on a regular basis, helping them to overcome personal barriers and promoting positive behaviour change which will lead to improved health. They will also provide guidance and support to assist your people in making the right food and lifestyle choices.

If you would like a healthier, happier and more productive workforce, then corporate personal training could be right for your company.

We have various packages and options available for corporate personal training and we are happy to tailor our service to your needs.

Contact us today to find out more about corporate personal training and arrange a trial session.

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