4 reasons why personal trainers should continue taking courses.

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The importance of updating your knowledge and continuing to improve

If you are a personal trainer, being a cut above the rest is what gives you an edge in an already, very competitive market. Not only that, having such skills allows you to transform the lives of others, every day on a permanent basis.

Being a personal trainer is one of the most rewarding jobs you can do. You can affect every area of a person’s life; transform their bodies, their health and their way of thinking.

Having such an important role also warrants refreshing your knowledge. In a constantly evolving industry with so many health conditions and individual cases out there it’s important to keep updating your knowledge and continuing to improve.

Here’s why…

You can reach out to more clientele

If you are good at what you do, you will become highly recommended especially by word of mouth.

In the profession of personal training it’s important to be able to train and advise a whole host of people with different circumstances. You don’t want to have to turn any clients down because you haven’t got the right qualifications, despite probably possessing the knowledge already.

Increase your hourly rate

Investing in more knowledge will also allow you to charge a higher price – because you’ve earned it.

You are more skilled and have more knowledge than other trainers so the prices you charge should represent this. Know your worth and it will also fill your clients with confidence.

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You have bigger competition than ever

With the rise of social media especially, competition has never been more intense for personal trainers. Social media, print and TV are all trying to educate people on the best ways to lose weight, gain muscle, and eat.

It’s so easy for people to become confused and turn themselves into ‘Google experts’.

What people really need is a personal trainer, one that is ahead of their game and confident enough to say what’s right and wrong. You need to be a voice of authority.

Going the extra mile to help special populations

If you want to ensure you are a cut above the rest, special populations courses are such a worthwhile investment. They usually include:

Exercise referral – This course enables you to take on clients directly from the doctors. Due to your skills a doctor will refer clients to you with specialist training needs. This opens you up to a whole new market.

Pre & Post Natal – This qualification allows you to offer specialist training for pre and postnatal women. It’s an excellent qualification to have because many women often have no idea what they can and cant do in regards to training in such conditions.

Elderly – Training the elderly is something which is often over looked. They are also a group, which require specialist knowledge and assistance when training so this will open you up to training a diverse range of people.

Diabetes & weight management – Because diabetes and weight gain are on the rise, it’s never been a better time to further your knowledge on these subjects.

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Understanding the ins and outs of these conditions will allow you to transform even more lives for the better.

Stand out from the crowd and allow yourself to move forward in your career. Enhancing your skills and knowledge can only improve your situation and that of others.

Never stay still for long, improve whenever and wherever you can!

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