Condo lifestyle and fitness training

Living in a condo doesn’t mean that you cant dedicate yourself fully to your fitness journey. Of course, it means that you will have to adapt a little bit more and make use of what you have available to you. Living in a condo can actually open you up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Condos can open you up an easier and even more functional way of life. You can enjoy the urban landscapes, not have to worry about garden maintenance and enjoy maintaining a smaller space. Living in a condo can actually enhance your fitness regime!

How can you make a condo lifestyle and your fitness regime work? Here’s how…

fitness training for condo lifestyle

Home workouts

Condos are ideal for home workouts. You don’t need to have a gym to enjoy an effective workout. In fact, the home environment is a fabulous one for training in. You can indulge in numerous fitness DVD’s which are excellent or design your own workout which could look something like this example circuit:

  • Stair sprints x 4
  • Chair dips x 12
  • Squat Jumps x 12
  • Burpees x 12

If you would like better advice on how to utilize your home, condo environment then its probably a good idea to look into getting an online personal trainer.

Online personal training

Living in a condo is the perfect setup to reap the benefits of an online personal trainer. If you are in a condo you might not have a car which would mean getting to the gym would be so much harder and less convenient. An online personal trainer is perfectly suited to a condo lifestyle. Your trainer can keep tabs on you and you can message your trainer from your phone or tablet at any time which is convenient.

The community gym

Condo lifestyle often delivers a few hidden gems. It is not uncommon for community gyms, communal garden, and outdoor areas to be utilized by fitness enthusiasts. Take full advantage of the gym if you have one and throw yourself into any classes that might be on. If you have a nice outdoor space you can certainly use this to perform some outdoor circuits – this is something an online trainer could help you with no end!

Use your condo life as an excuse to walk…

It might sound as though we are stating the obvious but if you are at the top of a condo complex then always take the stairs. Walking up and down stairs can really clock up some points on your pedometer and enhance your cv fitness. Try to walk to town and leave your car behind, use your condo as an excuse to be as active as possible.


One of the biggest draws of condo living is freedom from maintenance you might not have the time, desire or ability to tackle – like shoveling snow, mowing the lawn or repairing outside structures. So with all this extra time, you can throw it into your fitness regime cant you!

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