Personal Training And Weight Loss

Weight loss is probably the most popular reason to why people want personal training.

Unfortunately, the media is responsible for putting a plethora of misleading information out to the consumers. It’s never been so easy to get wrapped up in fad diets, crazy 1 size fits all eating regimes and other crazy crash diets.

The best, safest way to achieve sustainable weight loss is by working with a personal trainer.

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Here’s why:

Tailored food plan

They say abs are made in the kitchen. This is true as the majority of weight loss is achieved based on what you eat and obviously what you don’t eat. A personal trainer can work with you and help to tailor an eating regime, which is based on your daily macronutrient requirements, your weight and height and will show you how to eat properly.

Your trainer will hold you accountable

Personal trainers will, as a rule, give you check-ins once a week or so in order to monitor your progress. By doing this it means you are being held accountable for your actions. Also by working in close proximity with your trainer he/she will be able to see if the food plan is working, as it should, how you are coping and if you can push harder.

The motivation factor

Weight loss is never an easy ride. It’s a challenge physically and mentally and having a personal trainer by your side is the best thing you can do. Your trainer will keep you motivated, offer you words of wisdom and remind you why you are doing it. Working with a PT will mean you are not on your own and it will be so much harder to quit.

Sustainable weight loss

Sustainable weight loss is one of the huge benefits of working with a personal trainer. You will be able to change your eating habits long term and learn about food. Crash diets and crazy online plans don’t teach you why you should be eating certain foods and why you should be avoiding some.

It’s the route to success

Your trainer will lock down short, medium and long-term goals. This will enhance your chances of success. Working towards a goal gives you a reason to carry on. Having your trainer work closely with you will ensure you can enjoy success and the feeling of completing your goals.

The important thing to remember with weight loss is that one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone is unique and everyone likes different foods and has different lifestyles. For these reasons, it’s important you work with a PT who can work to your individual needs to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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