Personal Trainer for Children


We all know that our kids are getting less and less active, and this combined with the junk foods that they love to eat, presents a significant health threat to our children. Statistics show that 15% of children aged 6 to 18 are obese and a further 30% are overweight.

Children are not designed to live a sedentary lifestyle, and often the exercise they get at school alone is not enough to keep them fit and healthy.

Our personal training programs for children can help!

Why get a personal trainer for children?

If you use a kid’s personal training service you will no longer have to be the one who is forever ‘nagging’ your children to get up from the TV and do something active, because the Trainer will do it for you! The Trainer will come to your home so you don’t even have to head out to the gym. It’s really convenient and saves a lot of time.

Often kids can be awkward and feel embarrassed or self-conscious when exercising among groups of other children. This is especially true if your child is overweight. They may make excuses to get out of exercising at school. With a Personal Trainer the Trainer works with your child, or children, individually. Your children get full attention and the workout can be tailored especially to suit your little one’s needs.

All of our trainers are 100% certified and our programs will help introduce exercise in a safe and relaxed environment all from the comfort of home. Our programs help promote body awareness through carefully selected exercises that use the child’s body weight as opposed to machine and weights.


Below are some of the reasons why are clients carefully choose us:

  • No Equipment is needed
  • Nutrition and healthy eating guidance tips for your child
  • Programs that help to shed body fat, increase strength and build body awareness
  • 6 and 12 week programs to achieve great changes for your child
  • Rewards program earning points for every session completed with inhometrainer


Packages starting from just $349


Personal Training For Children

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