The benefits of in home exercising

A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand, usually if you have one you have the other so it’s important to keep your mind in such a place that it allows you to stay motivated to complete your home workout. Home workouts can be extremely beneficial so it’s super important you understand what the benefits are, especially if this is your main method of exercise.

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No need to be self-conscious – but you can still look your best!

One of simplest yet most motivating ways to stay focused on completing your home workouts is knowing that nobody is watching you so there’s no need to be self-conscious.
Ensuring you have some clothes to work out in which make you feel good is also a great idea. Have you got some scruffy old jogging pants and a t-shirt that no longer flatters your waist? Invest in a new exercising outfit so you always feel your best when you’re going to complete your home workout. Make sure you always get out of your work clothes and switch into something fresh. Fresh clothes makes for a fresh mind.

It’s much easier to schedule your workout time

It’s so much easier to look at your weekly timetable and commitments and decide on a time each day where you can fit in a good hour of exercise time for yourself. If you don’t schedule in a time you are not committing yourself therefore you are set to fail. Choose a time and stick to it. By working out at home you have eliminated the need for travel.

You can pump up the jam!

Get your groove on. Why not let your hair down and let loose with your favourite music. People often listen to music when working out because it’s darn right motivating! It inspires you to pump faster, work harder and fills you full of energy! No sad songs or ballads only fist pumping, action packed beats allowed such as great dance songs or heavy rock. Make sure you’ve got some great quality headphones if you don’t want to disturb other family members or go for a great stereo system.

You can set your goals and surround yourself with them

Long-term goals require a lot of patience and dedication so why not set yourself some short-term goals so you can continue to progress? Do you want to lose a grand total of 40 lbs? Then why not aim to loose 1-2 lbs a week (8 pounds per month) as then you will fell like you are constantly achieving. Remember to be realistic and remain kind to yourself.
Put up motivational posters and quotes around your home, your home can become the very place that motivates you.

Ensure you commit yourself to your home workouts, schedule them in and treat them as an equally important part of your life to other daily tasks. The more you exercise the better you will feel, so get used to the flood of endorphins making you feel better!

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