3 Workouts for Women

Want to stay fit and healthy but can’t find the time to go for a morning jog? One may dread the thought of exercising especially if you are a soccer mom, career woman or perhaps juggling both. Rest assured, there are plenty of workouts for women you can try at home. Use these simple exercises to create your own workout routine:

workouts for women


This is a simple and easy to perform exercise that will target your hamstrings, glutes and hamstrings, resulting in stronger and leaner legs so you can rock almost any outfit with confidence. Setups also target your quadriceps, allowing you to look fit. Follow these simple steps:

How To Do It: Stand in front of a step or bench and place your left foot on it. Press your left foot into the step while pushing your body down until your leg is straight. Now lower your body, bending down until your right foot touches the floor. Don’t forget to keep your core engaged the whole time. Balance your weight evenly so you don’t lean too far back and too far forward.

Shoulder Stand

You have probably heard about the many health and physical benefits of yoga. Inversion postures are great for reducing the effects of cellulite. A shoulder stand is a simple exercise that you can perform before going to bed every night.

How to Do It: Lie down on your back, lifting your hips and legs off the ground. Bring your legs over your head until your toes reach the floor behind you. Now extend your legs straight in the air while placing your hands behind your back, creating a straight line from your ankles to the shoulders. Hold this position while keeping your neck relaxed. Hold this position for at least 1 minute and then resume the starting position.


Bridges are not only great for a slim physique but will also prevent backaches. (Great for busy moms!)

How to Do It: Lie face up on an exercise mat with your feet flat and knees bent on the ground. Raise your hips, creating a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Pause and hold this position for a minute. Now, lower your body back to the starting position.

These are just a few workouts for women you should try. Take out some time for yourself and recharge. These simple workouts will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated like never before. Good luck!

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